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Code signing
SignServer Enterprise

Avoid managing a myriad of code signing solutions

Code signing is here to stay as all organizations that plan to distribute code or other data over the Internet risk corruption and tampering. In the Internet of Things, where installations can vary from just a few devices to millions of devices, control...
About PrimeKey
Bank & Finance

PrimeKey awarded the prestigious “Gasell” for the second year in a row

The “Gasell” is awarded the fastest growing and most profitable companies in Sweden and PrimeKey are proud to be handed the award for the second year in a row. The award means that the company is growing fast and organic, whilst keeping stable and healt...
PKI Appliance
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EJBCA Enterprise
EJBCA Hardware Appliance

PrimeKey PKI in a Box – still HOT after 6 years!

It all started around 2008/2009 when we saw the need to make PKI easier to digest, to move away from the standard PKI project with minimum two weeks of installation and the pre-requisite of having PKI and HSM expertise available. Our goal was to reduce...
Explaining PKI

Open training in Stockholm

PrimeKey will host an open training for partners and Enterprise customers* on the 30th of October to the 1st of November. The training will cover the PKI Appliance, EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise. Location of the training is in Stockholm, Sw...
Pointing at computer
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EJBCA Enterprise
Trust Service Provider

eIDAS driving innovation!

Digitalization and the European Commission’s priority on the digital single market drives Innovation. In July 2016, Europe took the smart initiative to unify the digital market as eIDAS was created, enabling and driving the development of one single Eu...
EJBCA Enterprise

ACME support in EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise 6.15 is now ready and it includes ACME support. The advantage with ACME for our customers is that it enables them to automate the requests and installation of TLS certificates for their web servers or for their customer’s web servers...

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