PKI for IoT by PrimeKey
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PKI for everything and in the cloud

This post was updated on: 2020-06-11 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions can be deployed in enterprise environments to solve various security problems for example securing websites, managing employee access to enterprise network at office or via...
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Security and trust spreading over the world

For the second year in a row we are awarded the Gasell for fast growing companies in Sweden. That’s not bad, considering that Sweden is currently ranked as the innovation leader of Europe. PrimeKey is a bit of a rare bird on the Gasell list with a very...
Cloud - cloud PKI deployment
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Why would you deploy your PKI in the Cloud?

This post was updated on: 2020-06-11 Many organizations today choose to deploy all or parts of their IT infrastructure and/or service offering in the cloud. Why? Rapid deployment and ease of scale are two of the advantages. There is no upfront investme...
Corporate PKI
Supply chain security

The worlds most used PKI now available in the cloud

EJBCA, the worlds most used PKI, is now available in the cloud. Easy to try, pay as you grow and just a few minutes to get started are only some of the benefits. The PrimeKey Certificate Authority (CA) product EJBCA Enterprise has long been available...
PKI Appliance with an integrated HSM
EJBCA Hardware Appliance
SignServer Hardware Appliance

Appliance 3.2 – Long term commitment to our customers and to the Appliance offering

In July this year we released version 3.0 of the PKI Appliance, with a new and up to date hardware and software stack. This was an important step in the PrimeKey Appliance journey and further sustains our commitment and strong belief in the need for th...
Digital signature software - person writing on whiteboard
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Code signing
SignServer Cloud
SignServer Hardware Appliance

Six things to consider when choosing your code signing solution

Whenever software is being distributed over the internet (or other insecure networks), or stored and run on untrusted media, it is crucial to use a reliable signing tool to digitally sign all executable files such as applications, libraries and drivers....

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