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PSD2 – creating both opportunities and to-do’s

2019 has just started and for banks and FinTech companies the magic month of the year is due in September. This is when PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) comes in to play, as formally approved by the European Parliament and the European Council in Feb...
Digital Signature
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SignServer Cloud

Digital Signing evolving in to the cloud

The post was updated: 2020-06-11 Digital Signing, using PKI and X.509 certificates, is the true enabler for automation and digitalization! It can help you modernize work-flows, save time, decrease costs and drive new opportunities. Why is digital sig...
country signing certificate authority
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Digitalization is based on security and open standards

Digitalization Digitalization is something that affects us all, mostly in positive ways. Usually digitalization means that transactions we make in our daily lives can, and are in a majority of cases, done over the Internet, using computers or mobile de...
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SignServer Cloud
SignServer Enterprise

SignServer Enterprise now available in the Cloud

After the successful cloud release of PrimeKey’s PKI software EJBCA Enterprise it is now time for the next step: SignServer Enterprise Cloud. SignServer Enterprise Cloud gives you easy access to server-side signing of code, documents and time-stamping...
Cloud - cloud PKI deployment
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Webinar: Why PKI in the Cloud?

Updated on: 10 January, 2020 Every year more organizations move their systems to the cloud. With organizations like AWS and Azure providing increasingly secure operations to companies that require it, the lines between on-prem and cloud are being blurr...
PKI for IoT by PrimeKey
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PKI for everything and in the cloud

This post was updated on: 2020-06-11 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions can be deployed in enterprise environments to solve various security problems for example securing websites, managing employee access to enterprise network at office or via...

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