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PrimeKey SEE now FIPS compliant according to 140-2 Level 3

PrimeKey is proud to announce that the PrimeKey SEE has gained an official FIPS certificate from CMVP/NIST (Cryptographic Module Validation Program/National Institute of Standards and Technology). That means that the product is now proven compliant wit...
About PrimeKey
EJBCA Enterprise

Potential compliance issue for Public CA certificate serial numbers

Who may be affected? This is applicable if your organization is running so called WebPKI Public CAs, which have their root CA certificates published in a web browser trust store. Furthermore, this may be applicable if your organization is issuing web s...
Application Centric Security
Blog post

It’s time for Application Centric Security

Today's enterprise security architects are facing the next level of challenges as the connected society requires a new concept for a holistic security approach. It is no longer possible to consider security in terms of static corporate perimeters to whi...
PrimeKey SEE
On-demand webinar

Webinar: Simplifying compliance audits

Many applications are running in untrusted environments and there are obvious risks that someone could copy the software or that someone would get access to or modify data, without being caught. There are also, very often, obligations and demands on d...
Marvell HSM and PrimeKey PKI
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PrimeKey’s EJBCA Enterprise Cloud and Marvell LiquidSecurity Network HSMs Enable Cloud PKI for AWS CloudHSM and Private Cloud

PrimeKey and Marvell enable cloud security through the integration of PrimeKey’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software EJBCA® Enterprise Cloud and Marvell® LiquidSecurity® Network Hardware Security Module (HSM) . The integrated solution is available...
Qualified Trust Service Provider
Customer story
EJBCA Enterprise
SignServer Enterprise
Trust Service Provider

ZetesConfidens – A Qualified Trust Services Provider at your service

Trust and security are built into the core of ZetesConfidens’ DNA and business. Being a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) as defined by the European eIDAS regulation, ZetesConfidens guide customers through PKI-based electronic administration proce...

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