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The Faroe Islands – Creating a Future-Proof National e-ID

To better support a globally connected society, and a more diversified domestic business sector, the Faroese government is driving an ambitious digitalization program. A key enabler is a state-of-the-art and eIDAS-compliant national e-ID, based on Prime...
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PrimeKey® Appliance success stories – read all about it!

PrimeKey Appliances are the most efficient and easy way to implement your PKI or digital signing solution. They help organizations predict costs and save resources while increasing the quality and minimizing the risks when deploying digital certificates...
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Evaluating PKI appliances – key aspects to consider

Guest post by Jenny Dybedahl Jenny Dybedahl is a security consultant with B3 Consulting Group, one of Sweden’s fastest growing consultancy companies within IT and Management. At PrimeKey we are excited about this guest post by Jenny, sharing real-worl...
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New EJBCA® and SignServer hardware appliance models from PrimeKey

As we continuously strive to make PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and signing easy to consume, we are now further refining our hardware appliance offering to better support our customers’ business and operational needs. Our objectives with the PrimeKe...
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Risk-based security management processes rely on information about exposures and vulnerabilities

As PrimeKey’s product line has evolved to become one of the most commonly used solutions for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Signing – in enterprise use cases, critical infrastructure, (I)IoT, national PKIs and ePassport solutions and Web PK...
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PKI in manufacturing – Creating an industrial PKI Registration Authority

The industrial Registration Authority (RA) requires extended flexibility and robustness compared to classic Public Key Infrastructure RAs. It needs to be able to model and re-model the production processes while maintaining the security level required t...

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