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Read all about our eIDAS customers

PrimeKey is proud to make it easier to adhere to the best practices for security. Because eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services) sets the standards in Europe for electronic signatures, advanced electronic signature, qualifi...
PKI Appliance with an integrated HSM
EJBCA Hardware Appliance
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The perfect match: eIDAS trust services and PrimeKey’s PKI hardware appliance platforms

Our popular hardware appliance offering has now been extended with an eIDAS edition, the EJBCA® Appliance eIDAS edition, including a Common Criteria Protection Profile EN 419 221-5 Hardware Security Module (HSM). PrimeKey’s Public Key Infrastructure (P...
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PrimeKey’s take on the NIS Directive

How to prepare for new cybersecurity regulations that are fostering increased accountability Find out how the NIS directive impacts critical infrastructure and other businesses alike, which frameworks you should implement, and how solutions like PKI an...
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Document signing
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The Faroe Islands – Creating a Future-Proof National e-ID

To better support a globally connected society, and a more diversified domestic business sector, the Faroese government is driving an ambitious digitalization program. A key enabler is a state-of-the-art and eIDAS-compliant national e-ID, based on Prime...
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PrimeKey® Appliance success stories – read all about it!

PrimeKey Appliances are the most efficient and easy way to implement your PKI or digital signing solution. They help organizations predict costs and save resources while increasing the quality and minimizing the risks when deploying digital certificates...
PKI Expert Jenny
Blog post
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Evaluating PKI appliances – key aspects to consider

Guest post by Jenny Dybedahl Jenny Dybedahl is a security consultant with B3 Consulting Group, one of Sweden’s fastest growing consultancy companies within IT and Management. At PrimeKey we are excited about this guest post by Jenny, sharing real-worl...

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