PrimeKey Tech Sales on 5G Security
Blog post
IoT & IIoT security

Industry 4.0 and private 5G networks

Industry 4.0 in combination with 5G private mobile networks comes with a big promise to increase productivity by using extensive automation and management. However, the fully automated systems running perhaps 24/7 must be secured in a very controlled wa...
PKI in DevOps
Blog post
Code signing
EJBCA Enterprise
SignServer Enterprise

PKI as DevOps or PKI for DevOps

DevOps has quickly emerged as the preferred set of practices to deploy and run applications. Albeit the word itself means different things for different people, in this blog post we will describe two different things it means for our customers, and show...
i4P PrimeKey Partner Banner
About PrimeKey
EJBCA Enterprise
SignServer Enterprise

PrimeKey and i4p announce a new technology partnership

PrimeKey, one of the global leaders for PKI and digital signing solutions, announces a technology partnership with i4p, European developer company offering HSMs and related technical solutions for trust services. The two parties have products that uniqu...
PrimeKey SEE

SEE – Use case guide

Do you want to know more about the use cases for the PrimeKey SEE? In this guide, you will get an overview of the different application areas in which the SEE can be used. We will dive into three solution areas, how they can be designed, and look at th...
PKI Migration
Blog post
EJBCA Enterprise
PKI migration

Consolidation leading to a future-proof PKI

A typical enterprise PKI grows over time, with shifts in business needs and added use cases. The result is often a heterogeneous environment with inconsistent security policies, where the costs associated with maintaining security and administration gro...
DGN Customer Story, PrimeKey
Customer story
EJBCA Enterprise
Trust Service Provider

Securing and enabling German healthcare

Germany has one of the largest Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) installations in all of Europe. It is a system that connects everything related to healthcare for the German population, called Telematics Infrastructure (TI). Doctors log in to the healthca...

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