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Bundesnotarkammer – Innovation and security in German notaries

To build a brand-new Trust Service Provider (TSP) solution for secure communication and signing from scratch is never a simple task, no matter the size of the project. If you then add a use case involving new international compliance rules, legal docume...
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The QA Adventure of Common Criteria Certification

This is the first time that I have been involved in a Common Criteria certification and I am proud to have been entrusted with the responsibility for the project. My name is Maggie and for the past year, my QA team and I have been on the adventure of ce...
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About the Common Criteria Certification – New updates to global requirements

PrimeKey has now completed the process to obtain our second Common Criteria certification for the EJBCA Enterprise software. Since our first Common Criteria certification in 2012, global requirements have gone through a lot of changes. The software we h...
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Why I’m Excited for Keyfactor and PrimeKey Coming Together

The Internet-connected society is already upon us. This past year or so, we were all forced to meet digitally even more than we used to or wanted to. But the change started earlier, and it has only accelerated now. For instance, an Ericsson mobility rep...
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Cybersecurity – An enabler for critical infrastructure

Learn about the secure implementation of an IoT solution in an IIoT electric utilities environment, specifically transmission. This white paper by Siemens Energy and PrimeKey also covers PKI, mutual authentication, secure certificate imprinting, product...
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EJBCA® Enterprise achieves Common Criteria certification

We are proud to announce that PrimeKey’s EJBCA Enterprise has achieved Common Criteria certification conformant to the Protection Profile for Certification Authorities, a Collaborative Protection Profiles (cPP) approved by the National Information Asso...

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