September 9, 2020

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News on Red Hat KeyCloak and PrimeKey SignServer

PrimeKey and RedHat

In cooperation with Red Hat, PrimeKey has released a new product brief concerning the integration between Red Hat's identity and access management platform KeyCloak and PrimeKey SignServer. By leveraging SignServer’s code signing capabilities and KeyCloak’s authorization and authentication mechanisms, you get both auditable workflows and centralized protection of private signing keys, thus preventing internal misuse or external threats throughout your supply chain. With the integration between KeyCloak and SignServer, our customers can rest assured that their operations are secured end-to-end.

PrimeKey SignServer will also provide you with extensive document signing and time- stamping capabilities, in addition to the code signing. Read the Product brief here

PrimeKey's products rely on RedHat products to run their solutions. Used by enterprises and governments globally, RHEL together with the JBoss Application Server, both provided by RedHat, form an integral part of EJBCA and SignServer, the most scalable and robust PKI and digital signature solutions available.

The RedHat and PrimeKey cooperation goes both ways and since early 2019 PrimeKey’s EJBCA has been available as a Red Hat certified container. The product is available for customer download from the Red Hat certified container registry, see link below.

”EJBCA is built on open standards, an open source platform and has a large installed base all around the world. EJBCA brings the maturity, transparency and commitment required for any security focused PKI solution and it is important for us to provide also the Red Hat community with one of the best open source-based PKIs available, directly on the Red Hat container registry.” says Tomas Gustavssson CTO at PrimeKey

KeyCloak and SignServer Product brief

EJBCA Community Container on RedHat