October 17, 2019

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New tool for secure and automated EJBCA Enterprise configuration

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PrimeKey is introducing a new and exciting tool to EJBCA Enterprise, the ConfigDump Import/Export tool. The ConfigDump Import/Export tool will be released this autumn in EJBCA Enterprise 7.3.

The EJBCA Enterprise ConfigDump Import/Export tool allows you to export your EJBCA Enterprise configuration in a YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) format. The configuration can be edited and then the same tool can be used to import the new configuration into another EJBCA Enterprise installation. Using the import functionality, you can import a complete configuration, or a delta of a configuration containing, for example, a set of profiles, CAs, or any other previously exported objects. Since the configuration dump itself is human-readable, the output can also be used for documentation purposes. So, what are the obvious benefits?

  • In previous versions of EJBCA, the configuring of EJBCA could be time-consuming and the same configuration may have to be entered manually in multiple instances when installing clustered and high-availability environments. By using ConfigDump, you will be able to reduce complexity, speed up the process, and remove human errors as it enables you to reuse proven configurations and automate the configuration exercise.
  • ConfigDump will improve and secure your continuous PKI administration, especially if you are running large PKIs or PKI as a service. This is because updates and changes such as adding new CAs and other PKI elements to existing or new installations can be automated.
  • The output from ConfigDump is human readable and the documentation file can be generated on the fly for continuous comparison and audit purposes. The output file can also be used for documenting the change management process.

Consistent and correct configuration of your PKI installation is a prerequisite for proper security. By introducing this new tool, we believe that the installation and configuration of EJBCA Enterprise becomes considerably easier and more secure.

Please note: the ConfigDump Export function has been available in previous versions of EJBCA Enterprise. The new updated ConfigDump function in EJBCA Enterprise 7.3 includes both Export and Import functionality.