May 5, 2020

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New EJBCA® and SignServer hardware appliance models from PrimeKey

PKI Appliance with an integrated HSM

As we continuously strive to make PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and signing easy to consume, we are now further refining our hardware appliance offering to better support our customers’ business and operational needs.

Our objectives with the PrimeKey hardware appliance are to offer the most cost-efficient, easy and secure way to deploy an enterprise PKI and signing solution, and the wide customer acceptance over the years has proven us right. Since the introduction of this product to the market in 2012, the hardware appliance has continued to deliver a stable technology stack, and it is now one of our most popular products. With the new EJBCA Appliance* models we are now further refining our offering by introducing PKI appliance models ranging from XS to XL. The new models offer variations on the total number of certificates that can be managed and performance capacity. The XS is perfect for offline root deployments and with the new XL model we can now support really huge PKIs with millions of devices and certificates that need to be issued. XL supports up to 160 million certificates. The Registration Authority and Validation Authority are also available in stand-alone models. The new SignServer Appliance models support your digital signature needs. The models are defined per signature use case i.e. Document signing, Code signing, Time-stamping and Travel/e-passport signing and every model also comes with two signing performance levels.

One size does not fit all

With these new hardware appliance models, we believe that we have further optimized our PKI and signing offering to be even more cost effective, based on actual business and operational needs.

End of sales

The previous PKI and SignServer Appliance model configurations (Small, Medium, Large and VA) will be available until 31 July 2020. It is possible to continue to use and combine the old and new models in a single installation.

PrimeKey documentation

If you haven't yet taken the time to browse our PrimeKey documentation, we recommend taking a look:

EJBCA Appliance model specifications

SignServer Appliance model specifications

* Please note: EJBCA Appliance is the new name for the already well-used and trusted PKI Appliance.