IP EXPO Nordic 2016

IP Expo Nordic 2016

Tomas Gustavsson speaks at IP Expo Nordic: Serious breaches that have pushed the development of PKI and code signing.

Do not miss this opportunity to listen to Tomas Gustavsson at the upcoming IP Expo Nordic in Stockholm. As the project founder and developer of the open source enterprise PKI project EJBCA, Tomas has designed and deployed several Public Key Infrastructure systems, including large-scale national and organisational deployments.

Many IT security experts are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but few can deliver ideas and concrete solutions to address these complex topics like Mr Gustavsson. Please feel free to sign up for IP Expo Nordic 2016 and listen to a compelling lecture on Tuesday 27 September at 14.20–15.00 at the Waterfront Conference Centre in Stockholm.

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Tomas will address PKI and Digital Signatures, including the following topics:

  • PKI in from the cold to the hot list
  • Serious breaches that have pushed the development of PKI and code signing
  • TLS, signed malware code, etc.
  • Certificate Transparency
  • Smartphone apps
  • What to expect in the future


Tomas Gustavsson MSc

Tomas Gustavsson MSc, born in 1971, has been researching and implementing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) systems since 1994. Project founder and developer of the open source enterprise PKI project EJBCA, and contributor to numerous open source projects. Member of Oasis EKMI TC and member of the Board of Open Source Sweden.

Before co-founding PrimeKey in 2002, Tomas worked in both research and the commercial sector. He has designed and deployed several PKI systems, including large-scale national and organisational deployments and EU ePassport infrastructures. A committed follower of open standards, Tomas works with organisations like Oasis, IETF and ISO.