June 20, 2019

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Security by Design – Master and implement your IoT business solution


This blog post was updated on: 2020-01-03

PrimeKey is here to support you in making the right decisions when designing your IoT business solution. If you are facing the challenge of understanding the role IoT platforms play in the end-to-end solution, learn how to succeed in IoT implementations by considering the full scope of IoT business solutions. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been proven capable of providing robust security services, such as authentication, integrity and confidentiality. It is a trusted core technology that has enabled security on the Internet for decades. PKI is now also defined as the security de-facto standard for IoT. Because there are many modes of operations in IoT, it is important that a PKI system and the issuing of trusted identities (certificates) works in a multitude of deployment scenarios, both directly with devices and gateways, as well as through IoT platforms. New security protocols and standards are too often developed for IoT use cases. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when using PKI because existing standards fit most needs. Using existing standards gives quick access to well-tested, well-vetted, secure and robust technology. Application leaders and security experts should seek flexible security solutions and deployment options that will support their IoT implementation. Reasons why companies and organizations around the globe choose PrimeKey solutions include:

  • Open standard protocols and integration interfaces to support certificate issuing and lifecycle management.
  • The ability to enable certain PKI functions in the cloud, as appropriate, and controlling other PKI functions with on-premises software or appliance deployment.
  • Capabilities to serve both small-scale and larger implementations, as appropriate and to support growth.
  • Because trust and openness go hand-in-hand, PrimeKey's PKI and signing products are based on open source platforms.
  • A large installed base assures maturity and commitment.

We help customers make unique and vigilant decisions about where and how to implement PKI and Signing in their solutions. However, other customers that PrimeKey meets have excellent IoT business solutions, but still struggle to understand the role IoT platforms play in the complete end-to-end solution. According to Gartner, “To succeed in IoT implementations, application leaders must thoroughly examine and understand the full scope of end-to-end IoT business solutions and the functional role of IoT platforms within them.”

Use the IoT Platform Solution Reference Model to Help Design Your End-to-End IoT Business Solutions

In order address these topics, we are offering the full report from Gartner which will help you design your IoT business solution. This report gives details on what application leaders and security experts should consider when choosing and deploying an IoT platform. In addition, you will learn about the IoT Business Solution Reference Model that can further help you identify where security needs to be applied. Being able to do this while a project is being defined enables you to understand how and when to protect sensitive data while managing the lifecycle of devices in the most cost-efficient way. “When choosing a strategic IoT platform provider, confirm whether or not the IoT platform can effectively support different deployment patterns to use as needed. Additionally, beware that different kinds of hardware can be used to support IoT edge computing, including embedded microcontrollers, industrial controllers (such as SCADA and PLCs), gateways, edge servers and micro data centers.” Gartner asserts. This report is no longer available.

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Malin Ridelius


Malin Ridelius

Malin Ridelius joined PrimeKey in March 2018 as Product Marketing Director. Malin has been working in product management/marketing and business development roles at several security companies including Giesecke & Devrient, HID Global and Nexus. She has 20 years’ experience in PKI, digital identities and electronic signatures, smart cards and related solutions. Contact Malin: malin.ridelius@primekey.com