August 24, 2016


To boldly go where no-one has gone before


Many IT security experts are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead, including the complexity of the security systems themselves. So we talked to Martin Oczko, who is one of the speakers at the upcoming PrimeKey PKI Tech Days, and asked him if he had any thoughts on the subject and what he thinks about the future.

Martin Oczko is the Product Manager of PrimeKey PKI Appliance and one of the architects behind PrimeKey’s road to success. To paraphrase a statement from the world of science fiction: Martin and his team spend a lot of time and effort “to boldly go where no-one has gone before”.

“One substantial problem of a lot of software security products, including ours, is that they are quite complex to install, operate and maintain,” says Martin. “This is partly in their nature, because these systems solve complex problems. So I suppose it’s fair that there is more than just one button to press. But on the other hand, we see a lot of end-user products like smartphones or smart TVs, for example, which often have a complex core as well, but are still easy to use. I think the level of “simplicity” is a weak point for a lot of security products and this has to be improved as the complexity of a system is a security risk in itself.”

“One way of addressing this obstacle starts back at the installation process itself. If I compare the installation workflow of apps on my smartphone and the installation of most security products, I’d say there is definitely some room for improvement.”

PrimeKey always strives to improve its products and deliver something innovative to its customers. Is there anything you can share about some “new topics” you are looking at?

“One question that has been chasing me for some time is how secure is a software product when it’s executed in an insecure environment?”, says Martin.

“This question becomes clearer when you break it down and look at it in more detail. How can users verify the integrity of the system they are using? Or how can users make sure that they are running trustworthy software developed by the original vendor without any changes or additions. This is an extremely critical question for all IT security products, not only for ours.”

Is this something you plan to address in the future? A new feature of the PrimeKey PKI Appliance? Maybe a release at the upcoming PrimeKey PKI Tech Days and/or the next RSA Conference?

Martin smiles and says, “Well, our team is doing some research into this area. I can’t give you any details now, but I can promise you that 2017 will be a very exciting year.”