February 22, 2022

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FIPS certification in your company name


If you need a FIPS certificate in your company name, we help you making the process easier if you use Bouncy Castle FIPS modules and support program

Federal Information Protection Standards, or FIPS, are a set of standards created by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) to protect government data, and ensure those working with the government comply with certain safety standards. More specifically, FIPS 140-2 handles Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules. Bouncy Castle FIPS modules are predesigned to meet these requirements. The libraries are currently validated against FIPS 140-2, and FIPS 140-3 submissions have also been made.  

In addition, companies that need a FIPS certificate tailored to include the vendor name and product name can do a so called "Private Label Validation" and through our support program we make that easier for you. We help simplify the extensive FIPS validation process as we – in addition to the Bouncy Castle FIPS modules – give you access to the full test suite and some of the compliance documentation. The Bouncy Castle FIPS modules offer a nearly complete range of certified algorithms and can be used with the execution platforms of choice.