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Excellent support saves money for the Swedish clearing house Bankgirot

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Bankgirot PKI

Bankgirot is a European clearing house tasked with delivering market-leading solutions in the payments area that increase the competitiveness of its customers.

As the only clearing house for mass payments in Sweden, Bankgirot plays a central role in the Swedish payments infrastructure and processes the great majority of these types of payments. Bankgirot also provides solutions within the electronic documents and electronic identities area, including managed PKI services.

PrimeKey supplies Bankgirot with a public key infrastructure (PKI), enabling secure communication on an insecure public network (the Internet).

Fredrik Eriksson, Product Manager for PKI services at Bankgirot, was asked why Bankgirot had chosen PrimeKey as a partner for its PKI solutions:

“There had been some issues with scalability in our previous PKI soft ware, so we were looking for a more stable solution that could accommodate the large volume growth that we were expecting. We were also not happy with the speed of the support given by the supplier. At that time, PrimeKey were able to demonstrate that they could fulfill both of these and many more of our requirements, so we began a successful relationship.

“When running an online real-time service, it is important to keep the service in operation at all times. When we need support from the vendor, we do not want to wait a few hours while our case is being registered and assigned by people who are not aware of our needs. We need to get in direct contact with someone who can actually help us with any problems we may have. Now PrimeKey support gives us exactly what we need. Not only do we get an immediate response when we need it, but the support is also given by specialists, who in some cases were even involved in designing the products. In the past getting a response to our issues and getting a tailored suggestion for how to handle them could take hours or in some cases even days. Now PrimeKey is just a phone call away.”

“If Bankgirot did a formal assessment of our work with PrimeKey, they would get a very high score for security, stability, services and quality.”

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