October 22, 2019

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EJBCA on Azure + KeyVault


PrimeKey’s world-class PKI is now available on the Azure Marketplace, including full support of the Azure Key Vault for increased security of your cryptographic keys.

EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer have already been available on AWS for about 12 months and we have experienced a steady growth in the number of customers who have chosen to deploy their PKI and Signing solution from PrimeKey in the cloud.

Therefore, it is natural and important for PrimeKey to also provide Azure IT professionals and cloud developers with one of the best open source-based PKIs available, directly on the Azure marketplace. By doing this, we also believe that we can reach millions of new customers and partners in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

For true enterprise-grade security, PrimeKey recommends using Hardware Security Modules (HSM) along with EJBCA Cloud to keep cryptographic keys secure. Therefore, it has been important to support the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated Azure Key Vault. With Azure Key Vault, you can reduce latency with cloud scaling and global redundancy also for your cryptographic operations. If you prefer an on-prem HSM, EJBCA Cloud is, of course, compatible with the standard HSMs as well.

Many enterprises today choose to deploy all or parts of their IT infrastructure and/or customer facing services offering in the cloud. Rapid deployment and ease of scale are two of the advantages. There is no upfront investment in hardware, servers and software which minimizes risk and makes it easy to get started. A cloud deployment thus also enables you to start small and grow with your service. Most solutions in the cloud only charge you for the resources that you use. So why not do the same with your security solution?

Do not miss our upcoming webinar-it will cover launching EJBCA from the Azure Marketplace and you will also learn how to configure the Azure Key Vault for use with EJBCA Enterprise.

Learn more and sign up for the Azure Key Vault Integration webinar.

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