April 1, 2020

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EJBCA ® Cloud Validation Authority (VA) on AWS Marketplace

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We are proud to announce the release of EJBCA Cloud Validation Authority (VA) on AWS Marketplace, a cloud-based Validation Authority (VA) instance with Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) functionality. The VA-only offering is designed for organizations such as consumer and Industrial IoT device manufacturers that require massive economies of scale to generate millions of security certificates without significantly adding to the cost of their product.

OCSP protocol provides validation for PKI, but typically requires high volumes of connections that are geographically dispersed and require high server availability. All too often, users are forced to purchase a full complement of EJBCA cloud instances for VA, even if they only want to use OCSP functionality. With EJBCA Cloud VA, customers can now scale out their OCSP layer in a much more economical way.

Our cloud-based VA offering allows customers to use EJBCA software to leverage VA in a more cost-effective way. With PrimeKey’s breakthrough technology and architecture, users can easily scale their VA efforts to thousands or even millions of devices. This gives users limitless flexibility, whether it's extending their on-premise services to the cloud, increasing VA on demand during peak hours, or providing services to different audiences. Rather than incurring hundreds of thousands -- or even millions -- of dollars in incremental costs associated with traditional, on-premise data center certification solutions, EJBCA Enterprise Cloud VA offers the same functionality for just a few cents per certificate.

-Tomas Gustavsson, PrimeKey CTO

PrimeKey’s cloud-based VA is designed to be peered with another EJBCA Enterprise Certificate Authority (CA) instance to create a fully separated certificate authority hierarchy, made easy with a new configuration wizard. The offering is available with two levels of support: 24x7 Premium Support, or 8x5 Standard Support. For more information on PrimeKey’s Enterprise Cloud VA, visit the AWS Marketplace.

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