EJBCA Enterprise 6.6.0 – Bigger, better and more secure than ever

More resolved issues than ever and a brand new RA architecture – the release of EJBCA 6.6.0 is big news for IT Security, Certificate Authorities (CA) and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) market.

- This is one of the largest releases we’ve had in several years. Anyone who works with PKI in EJBCA will experience that this release makes our products take a big leap forward.

Tomas Gustavsson, CTO at PrimeKey, is happy with the new release. It will not only enhance the existing functionalities of EJBCA, but also include the launch of a brand new RA (Registration Authority) architecture.

EJBCA 6.6.0 brings a major improvement in IT security through the possibility to run the RA remotely and on separate hardware than the highly sensitive CA (Certificate Authority). The requests and approval of the certificates handled by the RA, requires external access which has historically meant an unnecessary risk for the CA. The new RA architecture in EJBCA 6.6.0 enables the entire RA to be run remotely and means that the CA can be run on a separate hardware without external access, making it more secure than ever from possible attacks.

Tomas says:

- The new RA architecture and RA web GUI prove that PrimeKey is at the forefront of PKI software development and is actively working towards a more secure future. The new architecture enables us to build a lot of exciting new features in EJBCA and we are planning to do just that during the coming year.

In addition to the significantly increased security, the new RA architecture also enables easier administration of certificate requests, approvals, revocations and over-all administration. With a new and user friendly interface, the complex certificate registration process will now be simplified for both user and administrator.

The EJBCA RA interface will be available for all EJBCA Enterprise users. All EJBCA Enterprise users will also have the possibility to add the ability to run their RA remotely.

For more information:

Tomas Gustavsson, CTO – PrimeKey Solutions
+46 (0)70-742 10 96


EJBCA Enterprise PKI is utilized worldwide to issue, manage and maintain digital certificates. EJBCA is a powerful and flexible Certificate Authority and a complete PKI Management System. Large organizations regularly select PrimeKey’s EJBCA to provide their enterprise with mission-critical PKI infrastructure.

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