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EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible – a PrimeKey Tech Days 2021 workshop



EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible – a PrimeKey Tech Days 2021 workshop

Automating PKI Deployments and the rationale behind leveraging automation to set up PKI environments

By leveraging automation to set up PKI environments, the time for deployments can be decreased by impressive factors while limiting human errors that manual installations and setups may involve. Automation can be applied across all the stages of your development process and include completely new environments, test environments, upgrades or any reason or setup you can imagine. Transforming a historically static security function into an agile function supporting the new agile organization.

The workshop covers:

We start with some insights from Siemens, a PrimeKey customer, that leverage Ansible for their PKI deployment, and then go on to guiding you through the sample Ansible EJBCA playbook, including hands-on demonstrations and exercises:

– How to use the PrimeKey Devs Ansible EJBCA playbook

– Add CA’s, Certificate Profiles, & End Entity Profiles to EJBCA

– How easy it is to automate EJBCA configurations

– Deploy EJBCA Cloud in AWS

– Deploy an Ansible Controller in AWS

– Deploy EJBCA configurations using Ansible


There are some prerequisites and preparations that will be required for you to be able to execute the workshop exercises yourself. The preparations include setting up a trial version of EJBCA on AWS and creating an Ansible AWS instance. This workshop includes step-by-step explainer videos that will help you with the preparations. 

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