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DigiSign is an accredited Certification Authority, providing qualified digital certificates and leading security products and services to the Romanian market.

This would not have been possible without a “backbone” that seamlessly allows the fast, stable and adaptive issuance of digital certificates and time stamps. Cyber threats and solutions arise and evolve almost exponentially in relatively short periods of time, so it is a major advantage to have a responsible partner that focuses permanently on the same core values in the field of cyber security.

The need for a responsible partner was the main priority at a time when only a select few were qualified to start on a new road alongside DigiSign.

PrimeKey met all the requirements and its solution, EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise, was rapidly implemented by DigiSign with the valued support of the PrimeKey team. Since then, the PrimeKey solution has successfully passed two audit procedures for the reaccreditation process required by the Regulatory and Supervisory Authority, the Romanian Ministry for Communications and Information Society. The DigiSign Time Stamping Service, based on PrimeKey SignServer, is one of the premium solutions offered by DigiSign and it is currently used by major companies from the telecommunications, banking, pharmaceutical and digital archiving industries and by public sector institutions.

It is extremely important for the Time Stamping Service to be operational at all times, as it is an online real time service that is accessed permanently by clients. The scalability and flexibility offered by SignServer also allow DigiSign to upscale resources when needed. SignServer also makes it easy to use a broad range of Hardware Security Modules.

In the last five years, PrimeKey has succeeded in meeting all the challenges and high demands that define DigiSign’s business.

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EJBCA® Enterprise

Complete public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management

SignServer Enterprise

Server-side, PKI-based, multipurpose digital signature solution

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