December 7, 2021

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Certificate Management for Google Chrome OS devices

Android signing schemes, compliance and crypto agility

Certificate Management for Google Chrome OS devices 

Organizations and enterprises require users to authenticate themselves using digital certificates and implements protocols that supports this in their IT infrastructure, for example

  • EAP-TLS authentication, use client certificates, to allow access to local area networks and
  • standard TLS/SSL authentication, client and server side, allows access to web applications.

Certificate based authentication applies also to users on devices running Chrome OS and now PrimeKey EJBCA supports enrollment of digital certificates for Chrome OS devices via SCEP. 

EJBCA is a multitenant PKI platform and issues certificates for almost any use case or device. The software can be deployed as flexible hardware or software appliances, in AWS or Azure cloud or as fully hosted and managed PKI service on AWS cloud. 

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Read more in the documentation: 

Enrolling Chrome OS Devices against EJBCA


EJBCA Cloud is available as 30 days free trial. See the links on how to get started: 

On Azure: Read the EJBCA Azure launch guide

On AWS: Read the EJBCA AWS launch guide

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