April 6, 2017

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Appliance 2.6 – introducing EJBCA 6.6 and a new internal infrastructure

PKI Appliance 2.6

- This is probably one of the most complex releases of the PrimeKey PKI Appliance so far. Besides several new features, the internal infrastructure has been reworked. I am proud to say that edition 2.6 is more secure than ever.

Martin Oczko, product manager of PKI Appliance, is happy with the latest release.

PKI Appliance 2.6 was recently released, introducing several new features. Amongst them is improved maintainability and EJBCA 6.6. This means that the PKI Appliance now has a brand-new RA architecture which enables the RA to run remotely and on a separate hardware than the highly sensitive CA. It also introduces an RA web GUI which simplifies administration and PKI management.

Martin continues,

- Of course, the implementation of EJBCA 6.6 is a major improvement of the PKI Appliance 2.6, but if we have a look at the platform there are a lot of exciting news there too.

The reworked internal infrastructure of PKI Appliance 2.6 means that the latest release is even more secure and robust. It also simplifies the extraction of log files which reduces support cycles. And, the new infrastructure includes an extended audit logging, which helps the user to comply with the requirements of eIDAS, Webtrust and CWA.

In short, the PKI Appliance 2.6 is more secure than ever, includes the latest edition of EJBCA and makes maintenance and long term security easier for the user.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Martin Oczko, Product Manager
Phone: +49 241 608 47 117
E-mail: martin.oczko@primekey.de

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