November 19, 2020

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Rapid deployment of EJBCA with Ansible playbooks

Android signing schemes, compliance and crypto agility

Automated deployment and configuration with Ansible playbooks can offer tremendous efficiency and security gains. With our provided playbooks, the PKI platform EJBCA and the digital signing software SignServer can be deployed in seconds. Now, both Community and Enterprise versions of EJBCA are supported.

PrimeKey by Keyfactor follows the DevOps trends closely. We understand the importance of automated deployment of containers and virtual machines. Therefore, we offer EJBCA, SignServer and integrations as Ansible playbooks.

Red Hat’s open source automation tool Ansible enables efficient and secure provisioning, configuration management and deployment of software and containers. Ansible leverages the YAML markup language to write playbooks that are used to automate tasks by running the commands.

With the provided Ansible playbooks for EJBCA, you can easily get the Community or Enterprise version up and running, including a complete PKI hierarchy setup and configuration, with one or several CA’s, by using pre-tested templated configurations. A complete technology stack is also included, with Java 11, Apache HTTPD, Maria DB, Wildfly, and PKCS11 or soft token. For more information, see Keyfactor GitHub/Ansible.

For additional EJBCA example tools scripts, see Keyfactor GitHub/Scripts.

Read more in the documentation: Deploying PKI and Signature Services in DevOps Environments