October 8, 2018

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ACME support in EJBCA Enterprise


EJBCA Enterprise 6.15 is now ready and it includes ACME support.

The advantage with ACME for our customers is that it enables them to automate the requests and installation of TLS certificates for their web servers or for their customer’s web servers when offered as a service. Manual tasks performed by administrators can be removed and the result is easier, quicker, more secure, reliable and cost-effective TLS certificate lifecycle operations.

One of the things that has made EJBCA Enterprise stand out through the years is the focus on providing standard based interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs), such as SCEP, CMP, EST, Web Services and just recently REST support was added. The main advantage with ACME is that it is REST/JSON based instead of WebServices/ASN.1 based and that it includes built in support for verifying the owner of a domain.

The Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) is an open communications protocol for the interactions between certificate authorities and their customers’ web servers. ACME is specified in the IETF Acme Working Group. PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise has been Webtrust/ETSI audited in numerous installations and our support for multi-tenancy, multi-use case and commitment to open and standard based interfaces further extends our customers’ ability to delivery best in class PKI services.  

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If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@primekey.com