July 5, 2018

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A new generation of PrimeKey PKI Appliance is released

PKI Appliance

The PrimeKey PKI Appliance is the easiest and fastest way to implement a full scale enterprise PKI solution. It reduces complex installation procedures and makes the implementation of PKI not only efficient but secure. In short, the PKI Appliance is PKI in a box. And now it’s made even better.

The best-selling PKI Appliance is released in version 3.0, including new software as well as new hardware with updated technology. The hardware foundation of the PKI Appliance is upgraded with new components and state of the art security. On top of the new hardware platform there is a new software stack that is custom developed for the new hardware. Together they make a new and improved PKI Appliance, which is as secure and robust as the previous versions.

Martin Oczko, Head of Appliance Technologies at PrimeKey, says:

It’s a great feeling to release the PKI Appliance 3.0. It is one of our most popular products and we’re proud to say that this new version is another step forward for efficient and secure PKI solutions. I’m very proud of my team who have been working hard to develop new technology and achieving both advanced functionality and top notch security.

For customers running a PKI Appliance 2.X there is no need to worry. The PKI Appliance is built to last, and the existing hardware versions will run safely and secure as planned. The new software editions will be compatible with the existing 2.X PKI Appliances from Q4 2018, and the 2.X software will be maintained until then. In other words, the security and functionality of any maintained PKI Appliance is uncompromised.  

For more information, contact: Martin Oczko, Head of Appliance Technologies matin.oczko@primekey.com