A few highlights from the most successful year in PrimeKey history

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All time high

With booming business PrimeKey hits an all time high regarding turnover, ending up with over 129 % increase in turnover.

New CEO recruited

Magnus Sveningsson takes over the wheel at PrimeKey, marking an important strategic landmark in PrimeKey history.

PrimeKey Tech Days

Tech Days 2016 was fully booked and recieved a lot of appreciation. During two days more than 90 of the best minds in PKI and IT security mingled and learned more about a lot of interesting topics such as cryptography (both modern and post quantum) PKI, certificate transparency and much more.

We’re growing

Several new recruits during the year and all PrimeKey offices are growing like never before.

Film time!

PrimeKey launched 3 animated short films that describe the need for PKI.

PrimeKey PKI Appliance

The PKI Appliance is steadily rising in sales. Most order 2-3 in their first buy but some order more than 20. PrimeKey PKI Appliance has been very popular in 2016 and is now on site in almost all the continents of the world.


The PrimeKey products had a number of large and small releases during the year. Some selected highlights:

EJBCA introduced features such as the brand new RA and support for eIDAS.

SignServer had a major released with edition 4.0, which was widely optimized, including code signing and large file support.

We released our first official release of NPKD, a new ePassport product.