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Our PrimeKey Professional Services team has in-depth knowledge on how to address complex PKI and digital signing projects. Contact our Professional Services team for first-class support with your PrimeKey PKI and digital signing solutions.  


PrimeKey Professional Services

Work with our PKI and digital signing experts

We can help you bring your IT security to the next level, regardless of whether your organization is just getting started with PKI or you have an experienced team of PKI nerds. Our experts can be in charge of taking your PKI all the way from the drawing board to production or assist with only the most challenging tasks. With years of experience in the field working with governments and enterprises alike, the team's combined expertise makes them some of the best in the business.

Chris Job, Professional Services at PrimeKey

Chris Job, Head of Customer Services at PrimeKey

"What I like most about my work is the different problems there are to solve. I meet so many different people from different organizations and I get to be involved in building an environment better than it was before to increase security for them."

Why should you work with our PrimeKey Professional Services team?

Product expertise

PrimeKey engineers are experts when it comes to not only our products, but also products that integrate with ours. For example, most of our customers choose to implement an HSM and to simplify and speed up projects we know these products and we also have a strong working relationship with the biggest vendors.

Training is included throughout a project

Training our customers on how to use our products is important to us. We often execute workshops and trainings early in a project to ensure we understand what areas are most important to our customers and to ensure that we answer all questions in due time.

Save time and resources

When implementing PKI and signing solutions, our customers have reported that they can save time and money by leveraging the PrimeKey Professional Services team in their projects. Consult with PrimeKey on how to leverage your internal resources contra PrimeKey Professional Services to limit risk and get the most optimized project for your organization and solution.


Bastian Fredriksson, Solution Consultant

"One of the things I appreciate most about my job is the customer interaction – I like seeing how our products are used in action and how they bring value to our customers."

Process – example of a typical project plan

A typical project process is depicted below. 


Step One

  • Start project structure
  • Workshop
  • Project kick-off
  • Documentation


Step Two

  • Pre-installation at PrimeKey
  • Configuration
  • Update documentation
  • Testing


Step Three

  • Installation at customer
  • Integration
  • Key ceremony 
  • Post-installation
  • Testing at customer


Step Four

  • Final acceptance testing 
  • Update documentation


Step Five

  • Go live support
  • Deliver documentation


Step Six

  • Hand-over to support
  • Lessons learned
  • Project closing

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Visit PrimeKey Documentation to learn more about the installation and administration of EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, EJBCA appliances and all other PrimeKey products. We offer free tutorials and guides to everyone who uses our security software and hardware products.

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