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Attend PrimeKey Open Training to brush up on your PKI skills. The training covers EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and EJBCA Appliance.

There are four open trainings planned for 2021 in the US and Sweden. These trainings are open to partners and customers who use Enterprise editions (not the community versions) of EJBCA and SignServer. Please note that seats are limited at each training. Sign up soon to reserve your spot!

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PrimeKey Open Trainings will be conducted mostly online this year.

The 3-day trainings are offered on the following dates:

  • February 16-18, Central Standard Time (CST)
  • April 13-15, Central European Time (CET)
  • June 8-10, Central Standard Time (CST)
  • October 5-7, Central European Summer Time (CEST) and Central Standard Time (CST)

In order to get the best benefit from the training, please ensure attendees are knowledgeable in PKI or at least know the basics regarding keys, certificates and PKI infrastructure. Training is conducted in a classroom setting and based on a combination of theory and hands on exercises.

The fee to participate in PrimeKey Open Training is €2000 in Europe and $2000 in the US per attendee.

If you would like to attend in person, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you if possible. If you are interested in attending an in-person training, please also read our policy here: Covid-19 and PrimeKey Open Training

Next available trainings

Open training conducted by our PrimeKey Professional Services team in Sweden:
Date: April 13-15
Venue: PrimeKey headquarters or online
Location: Solna Access, Plan A8, Sundbybergsvägen 1, Solna, Sweden

Open training conducted by our PrimeKey Professional Services team in the US:
Date: February 16-18
Venue: Online

Open training agenda

The training is conducted over three working days and focuses on the installation and administration of EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and EJBCA Appliance.

Day 1, EJBCA Enterprise Administration

  • Introduction to PrimeKey and PKI
  • Installation, HSM integration and hardening (OS and Application)
  • The Appliance and the SEE
  • Clustering and high availability
  • Introduction to EJBCA and overview
  • Audit log protection
  • Creating and configuring CA’s
  • Creating and managing certificate profiles
  • Managing certificate life cycle (revocation, resistance etc.)
  • Creating and managing roles


Day 2, Advanced EJBCA Enterprise Administration

  • Configuring approvals (four eyes principle)
  • Using key recovery
  • How to integrate with EJBCA – SOAP, REST, EST, SCEP, CMP, ACME
  • CAA and key validation
  • Setup of TLS communication from CA to VA or RA
  • Configuring a VA and external RA
  • Overview of publishers, group publishers and services in EJBCA
  • EJBCA command line interface
  • Long term maintenance including backup and restore


Day 3, SignServer Enterprise

  • Introduction to SignServer
  • Installation and HSM integration
  • Signing overview – Code Signing, Time stamp, XML, PDF signing etc.
  • SignServer overview
  • Managing administrators in SignServer
  • Creating, managing and storing keys
  • Creating different types of Signers – including Java, MS Authenticode
  • Signing server side and signing client side with larger files
  • Creating workers
  • Viewing the audit log and archive
  • Signature validation
  • EPass port – concepts and how to use SignServer with EJBCA for ePassports and eID’s
  • Automatic key and certificates renewal
  • How to integrate with SignServer
  • Long term maintenance including backup and restore

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Please note that seats are limited at each training.

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