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A typical enterprise PKI infrastructure grows over time, with shifts in business needs and added use cases. The result is often a heterogeneous environment with inconsistent security policies, where the costs associated with maintaining security and administration grows. Moreover, older PKI solutions may have limitations in business model or functionally that make them unfit to support current needs and regulatory requirements. Regardless of driving force for migration and consolidation, PrimeKeys solution is a proven, scalable and flexible choice.

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Best Practice by PrimeKey

The stakes are high when migrating or consolidating an enterprise PKI infrastructure. It is imperative that current solutions enabled by existing certificate services continue working with limited interruption, that the migration project manage existing interfaces and integrations to external systems, and that the robustness of the infrastructure is maintained – or improved – with the migration.

PrimeKey have vast experiences migrating existing solutions to PrimeKey EJBCA, with best practices ensuring:

  • A smooth and secure migration.
  • A predicable project scope.
  • Improved certificate managed functions and control.
  • A flexible and extendable CA platform.
  • A secure and reliable installation.
  • An open and future proof product.

Your PKI migration

RSA Migration

With PrimeKey EJBCA you can rest assured that your organization has a solution that will accommodate current and future PKI needs. To minimize complexity when migrating from RSA Digital Certificate solutions, Primekey have developed a migration tool readily available to organizations moving to PrimeKey EJBCA.

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Microsoft Migration

PrimeKey’s experience is that many organizations that have been using ADCS for a while get stuck. Organizational changes, operational challenges and new business opportunities can no longer be supported in an effective way. Are you using Microsoft ADCS and consider migrating? No problem, PrimeKey has done this before.

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Chronicle of a journey to EJBCA

Listen to how Swisscom explain how they migrated from RSA to EJBCA Enterprise. Recording from PrimeKey Tech Days 2018.

Swisscom at PrimeKey Tech Days

Fabien Hochstrasse, ICT Operational Engineer at Swisscom, gives a presentation on Chronicle of a journey to EJBCA. Recorded at PrimeKey Tech Days 2018.

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