IT Security Solutions

Our IT security solutions for your use case

ePassport PKI Solution

All the PKI and digital signature components needed to produce and handle ePassports securely.

Code Signing Solution

It’s easy to keep track of private keys and certificates using PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance – our central solution for all your code signing needs.

Certificate Life Cycle Solution

Run business critical, round-the-clock PKI – without downtime. A scalable PKI able to grow with your business.

Smart Meter Security

Providing the secure foundation needed to unlock the potential of smart meter technology.

Becoming an eIDAS (Q)TSP

Driving transparence, interoperability and innovation across the European Union with eIDAS.

IoT and IIoT

A Secure Foundation for the Internet of Things based on Public Key Infrastructure

PKI Migration

Regardless of driving force for migrating and consolidating your PKI solution, PrimeKeys solution is a proven, scalable and flexible choice.