EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise covers all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Management.

PKI to prove Identity

Public Key Infrastructure (or PKI) is largely about managing secure digital communication, to find a way to know who is who when sharing information. Otherwise, how can you be certain of the identities of obscure parties?

You also need to decide and grant different individuals access and rights within, and occasionally outside, your organization. And you need to keep track of every single level of trust amongst your co-workers and business associates.

PrimeKey’s extendable PKI covers all demands for authentication efficiently and reliably. Today and tomorrow.

EJBCA Enterprise

Strong encryption works, if you do it the right way.

Able to protect virtually any area of technology, our EJBCA software is used to meet all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PrimeKey’s EJBCA Enterprise comes as an easy-to-use turn-key PKI product or as flexible software, described below.

Security Infrastructure for any use case

Commonly referred to as a Certificate Authority (or CA), EJBCA Enterprise PKI is an open source IT-security software for Certificate Issuance and Certificate Management. By keeping track on who to trust, EJBCA Enterprise protects your data, allowing you to provide safe digital communication when needed.

Extremely flexible, EJBCA Enterprise is used for most imaginable PKI use cases.

Controlling your own security

This is the one PKI software for any organization that needs to manage and operate its own serious, in-house PKI.

Deployable in your own organization, EJBCA Enterprise gives you full control of everything you do. Bundled with support and services, it allows you to handle and maintain your PKI implementation successfully, despite your level of skill.

Flexibility at all levels

EJBCA Enterprise is for all professional users, in all types of companies.

The flexibility of both the software and our organization, allows you freedom to choose which components of the package best suit your needs. It also makes our services very adaptable to your demands. We are here to discuss your needs! In the meantime, we would like to suggest that the most successful PKI implementation comes packaged.

Deploying EJBCA Enterprise obtained as a full package together with services; you can comfortably sit back and enjoy the safe and quiet ride.

  • Industrial strength PKI software. Installed on your premises. Operated by you.
  • Ensures your production against many undesired issues and unnecessary down time.
  • Professional services. To help, mentor and guide you through the whole project life cycle.

Support and maintenance

PrimeKey developers are passionate about maintaining the high quality of EJBCA through continuous updates and upgrades. Each new release contains improvements and upgrades to the EJBCA functionality, improving the software and keeping it up to date with current regulations. By subscribing to PrimeKey support and maintenance you will automatically gain access to these new releases and upgrades, ensuring the highest quality of your PKI implementation.

As with any software, and especially with security software, it is important to keep EJBCA updated with continuous releases and security patches. Having a subscription to PrimeKey Support will not only give you access to new upgrades and features but also ensure that your software is kept up to date when it comes to security. In short, PrimeKey Support will keep your software at the highest security standards.

Through a PrimeKey Support subscription, both your management and your customers can sleep sound, assured that audit and policy requirements are fulfilled. And in case of issues with your PKI, or simply new demands on it, you have timely access to, and support from, our skilled PKI professionals.

Read more about PrimeKey Support


PrimeKey’s training courses are tailored solely toward our customers that utilize PrimeKey PKI Technology. Our state-of-the-art trainings are suitable to advanced users such as technicians, engineers, developers, specialists and system architects.

Regardless of prior level of knowledge, any member of your PKI crew can benefit greatly from our Enterprise Training Courses.

We are very satisfied with the training course and it has met our needs, says Allen Liang, Fetian Technologies Ltd.

Product Sheet Training


EJBCA training

Each tailored real-life course facilitates the different steps of your specific project, and may later on prove crucial to your progress and ability to succeed in challenging circumstances. As participants learn basic and advanced features and have their PKI managing skills increase, they will learn to

  • ease software evaluation and get the most out of any PKI project.
  • build and deploy your PKI timely and with minimal risk.
  • minimize unplanned downtime.

Key features

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Short project duration, with fast project deployment
  • Least volatility in operations, thanks to EJBCA’s design for Common Criteria EAL4+ certification
  • Least likelihood of disruptive software defects, due to mature, widelyproven source code
  • Least likelihood of material incidents, with PrimeKey comprehensive strategic engineering services


High Security and Reliability

  • Common Criteria EAL4+ certified
  • Detailed audit and transaction logs
  • Role-based authorization
  • Hardware security modules
  • Designed for scalability and reliability
  • Service availability across maintenance windows
  • Scalability and availability using clusters 


  • Configurable profiles
  • Integration interfaces
  • Supports most major databases

Audit Compliance

  • ETSI/CWA-compliant and WebTrust-compliant references

Deployment options – Software, Appliance, Cloud or Hybrid

PrimeKey understands that organizations have unique business challenges, including security requirements, budgets and the availability of internal resources. We give you the choice of and the choice to combine – Software, hardware Appliance and Cloud deployments for your PKI solution. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs and can grow flexibly and expand over time.

Your deployment options

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Certificate Autoenrollment

Combine the full flexibility of EJBCA Enterprise with Active Directory.

With the Certificate Autoenrollment for EJBCA Enterprise you can add several templates and match them with EJBCAs Profiles, and you can support multiple use cases. Yes, you can now run this add-on on a Linux server, if you like to.

Product Sheet

RA – Registration Authority

A sophisticated toolbox for a user to enroll any certificate type.

The EJBCA RA provides a sophisticated toolbox for a user to enroll for any certificate type, whether predefined or defined on the CA, either by submitting a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to have a local key pair signed, or by requesting a certificate based on a key pair stored on the CA.

Product Sheet