SignServer Enterprise

Centralized PKI-based digital and electronic signing software engine to sign documents, code, timestamps and more.

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Versatile digital signing software

Sign documents, code and more

One flexible platform that supports all your electronic signature use cases.

Automated workflows 

Integrates with your business applications via standard interfaces.

On-premises or cloud

Deploy SignServer as it suits your needs - either as a turn-key software or hardware appliance or in the cloud.


Markus and Marcus
- SignServer developers

Features of SignServer Enterprise

PrimeKey SignServer is a versatile digital signature software that enables a wide range of digital signature use cases and formats. Server-side digital signatures give maximum control and security, allowing your users and applications to conveniently sign code, PDF documents, XML, and more.


Versatile signing platform

The SignServer platform covers all your signing use cases in one solution, including standard document signing, eIDAS advanced signing and seal, code signing for multiple formats, timestamping services and ICAO ePassport signing. Avoid managing a myriad of signing solutions and centralize all your signature processes in this multitenant solution and improve on security policy compliance. 


Security by design

Server-side signature solutions give maximum control and security and allow you to leverage your hardware security module (HSM) investment in the best way. Signature keys are generated and used for signing in your HSM. SignServer supports most HSMs on the market - and both short-lived keys, and keys or certificates with a longer lifecycle. In addition, the software signs all audit logs for traceability and audit requirements.


Flexible integrations

SignServer is designed to perform automated signatures and cryptographic operations and integrates well with your document workflow engine, CI/CD pipeline tool, identity and authorization platform, or any other business application via standard interfaces. See also PKI and Signature Services for Microservices and DevOps Environments. 


High performance and high availability

SignServer scales indefinitely by adding an additional instance of the software and best-practice configurations are available for all the different deployment options. 

Solutions based on SignServer

Document signing

Sign PDF documents, XML and more


Apply secure timestamps on code or documents

Enabling ePassports

Produce and verify ePassports with our dedicated PKI solution

Supply Chain Security

Ensure product integrity and security with trusted digital identities from birth

Becoming an eIDAS (Q)TSP

Enable eIDAS compliance and electronic signatures

SignServer deployment options

To account for the unique business challenges of your organization, including security, budget and the availability of internal resources, PrimeKey offers a combination of deployment options to suit your needs today and allow you to grow flexibly over time.


SignServer Cloud

Enjoy rapid deployment with PKI in a public cloud, with no hardware to purchase and maintain or any upfront software license costs. Our cloud-based PKI and signature solutions are available in AWS and Azure.

SignServer Cloud


Hardware Appliance

The SignServer Hardware Appliance is a hardened, high-performance server with a complete hardware stack for an on-premises PKI solution. Select the appliance model that best suits your needs.

SignServer Hardware Appliance


Software Appliance

Deploy your signing software in your own data center using your native virtualization resources. Select the HSM and the appliance model that best suit your needs.

Do you need a hybrid deployment? 

Do you want to combine on-premises and cloud? Or do you need help to find the best deployment option for your use case? See our documentation on hybrid PKI deployments or get in touch with us. 

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