SEE - Secure execution hardware

As virtualization has become an essential part of our IT landscape, security and compliance are still a challenge. Traditional concepts are reaching their limits. Let the SEE safeguard your applications.

Leverage full stack application security, beyond standard HSM protection  

End-to-end security of your entire application

Run your applications, data and cryptographic services in a fully secured and trusted server environment.

Certified execution environment

Strongly secure with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant physical shield.

No vendor lock-in 

The SEE is an open virtualization platform that supports many operating systems and applications

PrimeKey SEE

Features of SEE

Many edge computing solutions need to run in unprotected environments and therefore applications and data may be at risk. PrimeKey SEE is a FIPS-certified rack-mounted Intel x86 server, designed to protect the entire application stack and data - from operating system via virtualization to application - against changes, modifications, and eavesdropping at all times.


Secures your applications and data  

SEE secures applications that need to run in an unprotected environment and acts as a safe harbor for your applications, crypto services, and cryptographic keys. 


Open platform for any virtual machine

SEE helps to avoid vendor lock-in as the server is based on an open platform and can host any virtual machine.  


Certified and patented rack-mounted Intel x86 server 

PrimeKey SEE is a patented, attack and tamper-proof FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified server. When deploying the SEE with your applications there is no need to invest in additional physical security solutions for your servers.  


Trusted boot and true random number

The solution has secure boot protection, through a tamper-proof image of the application. In addition, the SEE also includes a NIST SP-800-compliant random number generator. 

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