Identity Authority Manager

Ensure secure supply chains and Industry 4.0 by issuing trusted digital identities for all your devices directly on the manufacturing floor with PrimeKey Identity Authority Manager, the first industrial grade Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Registration Authority (RA). 

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First industrial grade PKI Registration Authority

Digital Identities for Industry 4.0

With a combination of trusted digital certificate issuing mechanisms and standards, a powerful hardware platform, as well as an integrated solid security concept, the Identity Authority Manager enables a secure issuing process in complex environments, such as manufacturing. 

Birth certificates — the enabler for trusted supply chains

A trusted and secure birth certificate can enable automated deployment, operation and revocation or discontinuation processes for the device or unit during the lifecycle and thus remove complexity and save costs.

Flexible device registration 

Flexibility and adaptivity are key for a successful smart factory solution. Following these principles, the Identity Authority Manager provides a comprehensive toolbox for implementation in any manufacturing environment. 

The Identity Authority Manager

Features of Identity Authority Manager

With PrimeKey Identity Authority Manager, the industrial-grade and DIN-rail mounted PKI Registration Authority, you can securely issue digital certificates for your devices and units during the production process. Full automation is realized via smooth and reliable integration with your manufacturing systems, devices and PKI. 


IT and OT convergence with a standard hardware appliance 

Identity Authority Manager provides maximum flexibility to adapt to the existing production workflow via the integrated process modeling engine. Thus, it can connect to devices, trust centers, and back-office systems, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, warehousing solutions and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. 

Identity Authority Manager runs on a carefully selected IPC-based hardware appliance. 


Secure updates during operation

In terms of maintenance, the Identity Authority Manager meets all your requirements with flexible, robust and secure update procedures. For example, updates can be performed during operation, limiting the interruption of the production processes.


Trust Anchor - the basis for trust  

The foundation for trust in Identity Authority Manager is the so-called Trust Anchor. This built-in function provides all necessary cryptographic services, such as signing, encryption and storage of security-sensitive data. The Trust Anchor is implemented by a certified security module. 


Multiple use cases  

In addition to issuing digital certificates during the production process you can also secure your aftermarket services, smart machines and smart buildings in deployment. The Identity Authority Manager encapsulates the security-critical services and limits the possibility for the repair center, for example, to manipulate services for re-issuing identities, managing licenses and software updates. 

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Solutions based on Identity Authority Manager

Supply Chain Security

Ensure product integrity and security with trusted digital identities from birth

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