Validation Authority hardware appliance

Standalone, turn-key solution for operating VA services based on OCSP and CRLs

Turn-Key Certificate Validation Solution

Setting up a Certificate Validation Authority (VA) was never easier. PrimeKey’s VA hardware appliance offers a standalone, turn-key solution for operating VA services, based on OCSP and CRLs, in one integrated hardware appliance. The VA Appliance is based on EJBCA Enterprise and high-performance server hardware, including a FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM, and offers a perfect fit for every organization’s requirements, due to its streamlined management interface and workflows.

PrimeKey VA Appliance brings all components needed to successfully deploy and operate a Validation Authority. It includes a complete OCSP responder, serving an unlimited number of Certification Authorities (CAs) and a CRL and CA certificate download service. An integrated HSM brings enterprise-grade security for cryptographic keys.

Efficient certificate status OCSP Responder

The most prominent component of the PrimeKey VA Appliance is the OCSP responder. It allows your CA to instantly publish on-line certificate status changes. While processing digital transactions and documents, clients gain critical access to revocation status. A single VA Appliance can serve status information for several CAs.

Centralized distribution to Relying Parties

CRL and CA certificate distribution is the second important feature of the PrimeKey VA Appliance. It simplifies administration by providing relying parties (i.e. clients and servers) centralized access to crucial information needed to validate certificates.

EJBCA Peer Systems and CRL download service

PrimeKey VA Appliance is compatible with EJBCA’s Peer System Connector, which allows real-time publishing of certificate data from CA to VA in a secure and scalable way. Supporting third-party CAs, PrimeKey VA Appliance features a CRL download service to collect and update certificate data based on standard CRLs.

Powerful performance and scalability

Including both an OCSP Responder and a Certificate and CRL distribution feature, PrimeKey VA Appliance provides complete means for all certificate validation handling.
 Standard compliant, highly configurable, featuring two  performance options standard or high, PrimeKey VA Appliance works equally well on any sized corporate intranets, as on large scale services with high loads and demanding availability requirements. High demands on performance and reliability can easily be met by adding further Appliance nodes to the infrastructure.

Easy management

Easy and effective management is the key to a secure and reliable deployment. PrimeKey VA Appliance offers a web based interface including all functions needed for easy deployment and effective operation. Backup & Restore procedures can easily be triggered automatically and complex upgrades are usually done within minutes.

EJBCA Appliance

PrimeKey EJBCA Appliance, our PKI hardware appliance, offers the most cost-efficient, easy and secure way to deploy an enterprise PKI system.

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EJBCA Validation Authority

The EJBCA Validation Authority (VA) software component enables certificate validation using OCSP or CRLs.

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