Time Stamp Appliance

Time-Stamping Authority in-a-box, enabling you to create trusted time-stamps

Computer programs and documents that are digitally signed with trusted time-stamps, play an important role in high-value transaction security, or whenever other sensitive business is conducted over the Internet. The trusted time-stamp proves that a contract, invoice, tax declaration, receipt or software was signed before a certain date and time. PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance will efficiently assist you setting up the necessary Time-Stamping Authority (TSA) for creating your own trusted time-stamps.

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Meets all your time-stamping needs

PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance meets all your time-stamping needs, including standard compliant RFC3161 time-stamps and MS Authenticode time-stamps. The PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance is a Time-Stamping Authority in-a-box that combines SignServer Enterprise (PrimeKey’s digital signing solution) with a secure technology stack and enterprise-grade hardware, including a Hardware Security Module (HSM). A single deployment of the TSA gives you all the benefits of SignServer Enterprise, so that you can manage multiple time-stamping needs, reducing maintenance and significantly lowering costs.

Highest security while saving costs

The PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance has a fixed price list, and the built-in HSM assures the highest level of protection for the time-stamping keys. The centralised time-stamp solution model, means that you can manage different capabilities from a single location, while significantly reducing the risk of time-stamping keys being lost or stolen. Various needs can be controlled in different ways by optionally authenticating users of the service, allowing some users free access to time-stamps.

Policy and audit compliance

Maintaining trust in a time-stamping service is crucial, and both policy and audit requirements must be observed when running a Time-Stamping Authority. The PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance is designed with audit compliance in mind, making it easy to achieve and enforce a strict audit record of each time-stamp produced, and easy to comply with international requirements such as ETSI TS 119422.

Some applications for Time Stamp Appliance

Time-stamping and signing of digital receipts

Time-stamping of lottery slips and other gambling data

Time-stamping and signing of legally binding documents for eInvoicing, eGovernment, etc.

Long term validation of digital signatures for documents and software

Time Stamp Appliance


  • MS Authenticode-compliant time-stamps
  • Standard compliant RFC3161 time-stamps
  • Leap second handling
  • Configurable audit and transaction logging
  • Archiving module for the central storage of all time-stamps
  • Multiple time-stamp policies and signature algorithms
  • Configurable NTP time sources and monitoring of time synchronisation
  • Integrated Hardware Security Module protecting signing keys
  • Multiple monitoring options such as healthcheck, SNMP, remote syslog shipping
  • Both High performance with linear scalability and High Availability (HA), simply by adding multiple nodes
  • Unified backup and restore procedures with smart card protection
  • Integrated update mechanism
  • Certificate-based authentication

SignServer Appliance

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