PKI hardware appliance with an integrated HSM

EJBCA® Appliance with its integrated HSM is the easiest and most efficient way to deploy and manage an enterprise PKI system.

Make PKI simpler and safer

Predict costs and save resources while increasing the quality and minimizing the risks of your PKI project. With EJBCA Appliance, you get a simplified installation and maintenance of your PKI solution, including an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM). Our turnkey PKI hardware appliance is the best choice for most medium to large deployments — suitable even for managed services, Internet of Things (IoT) and eIDAS (qualified) Trust Service Providers.

Our turn-key PKI solution offers the easiest and most secure way to deploy an enterprise PKI system without the hassles of elaborate installation and integration procedures.

By delivering strongly on security, auditability, performance and simplified maintenance, EJBCA Appliance empowers your security team to focus on aspects more directly beneficial to your business — the core certificate issuing and lifecycle management for your infrastructure and business critical applications and services.

PKI Appliance with an integrated HSM
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HSM and PKI, our packaged PKI-in-a-box

EJBCA Appliance comes in different capacity and performance models. Based on a stable technology stack, it supports easy and controlled maintenance. The hardware appliance is particularly useful if you are are looking for an on-premise solution based on a combined hardware and software package for your PKI solution and you do not want to add extensive server maintenance to your already very busy IT people. It will enable you to save months of work and resources. Get all the benefits with our PKI appliance in a single deployment, combine EJBCA Enterprise software with a secure hardware and software technology stack and an HSM.

EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Appliance combines our EJBCA Enterprise software with a secure technology stack and enterprise-grade hardware, including a Hardware Security Module (HSM). In a single deployment, PKI Appliance gives you all the benefits of EJBCA Enterprise. And a single instance of the Appliance enables you to govern multiple CAs, reducing any need for several, dedicated hardware units.

Manufactured from our comprehensive experience and expertise, PrimeKey EJBCA Appliance with its integrated HSM succeeds in making your EJBCA PKI solution more robust, cost efficient and more scalable.

EJBCA Enterprise software

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Five models adapted to your needs

Extra Small EJBCA Appliance

EJBCA Appliance XS is the smallest hardware appliance with support for up to 1,000 certificates. It is ideal for an offline Root CA in a PKI deployment.

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Small EJBCA Appliance

This is your PKI start environment―EJBCA with everything you need. EJBCA Appliance S supports the operation of multiple, independent PKI hierarchies with one installation.

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Medium EJBCA Appliance

Start with model Medium if you already know that you need more certificates and better certificate performance capacity. This model supports up to 15 million certificates.

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Large EJBCA Appliance

Model Large has better certificate issuing performance and it manages more certificates. If you have one or a couple of use cases that need a lot of certificates and you expect more use cases in the near future, then you should choose Large.

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Extra Large EJBCA Appliance

EJBCA Appliance XL is suited for extremely large PKI deployments with the need for more than 100 million certificates. It has the same certificate issuing performance as model Large, but supports up to 160 million certificates and has an upgraded storage.

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How to deploy

PrimeKey’s hardware appliances can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs, growing flexibly and expanding over time as needed. The Validation Authority and Registration Authority are available as stand-alone models and integrated in the standard models. The hardware appliance is also available as an eIDAS edition including a Common Criteria Protection Profile EN 419 221-5 Hardware Security Module (HSM).

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Validation Authority Appliance

Registration Authority

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Browse EJBCA Appliance Documentation

EJBCA Appliance Documentation

Code Signing Appliance

PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance is a SignServer-in-a-box offering ease and more security.

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Validation Authority Appliance

Standalone, turn-key solution for operating VA services based on OCSP and CRLs.

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Time Stamp Appliance

The PrimeKey Time Stamp Appliance is a time-stamping authority in-a-box.

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PrimeKey Support

With PrimeKey Support & Maintenance, you will get continuous updates of your PKI solution and professional support for any questions you may have.

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