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EJBCA® Cloud; Powerful, flexible Certificate Authority and complete PKI, in the cloud.

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is largely about managing secure digital identities that enables ways to protect data and know who is who when sharing information over untrusted networks. This is fundamental to most businesses and their applications today.

PrimeKey’s extendable PKI covers all demands for digital identity issuing and management and it is proven to be both efficient and reliable. And now it’s also available in the AWS and Azure cloud.

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Cloud-based PKI solution, EJBCA Cloud

Strong encryption works if you do it the right way. Able to protect virtually any area of technology, our EJBCA software is used to meet all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PrimeKey’s EJBCA Cloud starts with just a few clicks, being a fully customized instance, tailored to your environment.  Choose from several instance sizes, in many available regions so you get the perfect PKI solution for your organization. To get an introduction, see our complimentary EJBCA Cloud online training course. This online course walks you through how to get started.

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EJBCA Enterprise software

Security Infrastructure for any use case

Commonly referred to as a Certificate Authority (or CA), EJBCA Cloud PKI is an open source IT-security software for Certificate Issuance and Certificate Management. By keeping track on who to trust, EJBCA Cloud protects your data, allowing you to provide safe digital communication when needed.

Extremely flexible, EJBCA Cloud is used for most imaginable PKI use cases.

Control your own security with a cloud-based PKI

This is the one PKI software for any organization that needs to manage and operate its own serious, in-house PKI.

Deployable today on your AWS or Azure cloud environments, EJBCA Cloud gives you full control of everything you do. Bundled with support and available services, it allows you to handle and maintain your PKI implementation successfully, despite your level of expertise with PKI.

Security and Control

The support for HSMs brings the highest level of security by preventing unauthorized use of signing keys. PrimeKey EJBCA Cloud integrates with the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified AWS CloudHSM, AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and Azure Key Vault (FIPS 140-2 Level 2). Or if you prefer, you can also combine EJBCA Cloud with a standard on-premises HSM (Hardware Security Module) via, for example, AWS Direct Connect or Azure Express Route.

Webinars on EJBCA Cloud

Webinar: Why PKI in the Cloud?

In this highly-rated webinar, Alex Gregory, Director of Cloud Solutions at PrimeKey, lets you know all about PKI in the  Cloud. See how EJBCA is deployed in the cloud and integrated into AWS CloudHSM to create Certificate Authorities and issue certificates.

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Webinar: Azure Key Vault Integration

In this webinar on PrimeKey EJBCA in Azure, you will learn how to protect your CA keys in the Azure Cloud. Alex Gregory, Director of Cloud products at PrimeKey, fills you in on how to configure the Azure Key Vault for use with EJBCA Cloud and more.

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Cloud-based Validation Authority (VA) on AWS

EJBCA Cloud VA offers a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective security solution. The OCSP protocol and CRLs provide validation for PKI, but typically require high volumes of connections that are geographically dispersed and require high server availability. All too often, customers are struggling to manage peak-hours of certificate validation requests without significantly adding to the cost of their PKI service.  With PrimeKey’s EJBCA Cloud VA, customers can scale out their OCSP layer in a much more economical way.

Rather than the incurring upfront and incremental investment associated with PKIs running in traditional, on-premise data centers, EJBCA Cloud VA offers the same functionality and the ability to scale out as the usage of the service changes and you only pay for the capacity that you use.

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AWS GovCloud and Azure Government

EJBCA Enterprise is Common Criteria certified, as well as FIPS 201-2. Internal PrimeKey processes are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Thus enabling a turnkey PKI system for many government agencies looking for cloud solutions on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government.

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