Code Signing Appliance

A SignServer-in-a-box offering ease and more security

PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance is all you need to handle your enterprise’s code signing needs. It minimizes the number of certificates, and offers the easiest and most secure way to perform code signing within an organization.

The Code Signing Appliance empowers your security team to focus on aspects more directly beneficial to your business — ensuring trustworthy code signing processes instead of managing a myriad of distributed “code signing islands”.

Highest security while saving costs

The PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance has a fixed pricelist and enables you to save months of work and expenses. It includes a Hardware Security Module, able to deliver a higher level of security by preventing theft of code signing keys. Easing all aspects of the application life-cycle, such as installation, maintenance, upgrade, backup and restore, the Code Signing Appliance results in the lowest TCO.

PKI Appliance

SignServer Enterprise

PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance is a SignServer-in-a-box able to combine SignServer Enterprise software with a secure technology stack and enterprise-grade hardware, including a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

In a single deployment of the Appliance you get all the benefits of SignServer Enterprise, yet are able to govern multiple Code Signing needs, thus reducing any need for several, dedicated units

SignServer Enterprise

Code Signing


  • MS Authenticode (Windows code signing).
  • JAR signing (for Java and Android code signing).
  • Time Stamp Authority.
  • Cryptographic Message Syntax signer (CMS, PKCS#7).
  • Plain code signing, where a digital signature is generated for you to embed.
  • Multiple signers, serving multiple code signing needs in parallel.
  • Ability to develop custom signers to serve private needs.
  • Highly configurable audit and transaction logging.
  • Archiving module for centrally storing all signed code.
  • Built in health check used by load balancers and for monitoring.
  • Linear scalability for performance and high availability by adding multiple nodes.

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