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PKI and signature solution deployment options – Software, Appliance, Cloud or Hybrid

PrimeKey understands that organizations have unique business challenges, including security requirements, budgets and the availability of internal resources. We give you the choice of and the choice to combine – Software, hardware Appliance and Cloud deployments for your PKI solution. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs and can grow flexibly and expand over time.

PrimeKey is happy to support you in making the best decision for your particular set of needs and circumstances. Read more about our deployment options below and find the best PKI solution for you.

Software signature solution and PKI deployment

On-premises software is installed and operated from your on-prem servers and computing infrastructure. It utilizes your native computing resources and requires only a licensed copy of the software. You keep all your applications, data and keys in your own premises. With our software PKI and signature deployment solutions PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise this means that you can:

  • Pick your own software and hardware stack.
  • Leverage your investments in Hardware Security Modules (HSM).
  • Have complete freedom with configuration, deployment and customization of your PKI.
  • Make it easier for support teams with separate responsibilities for application, server, hardware, database, network, and HSM.
  • Have full code control, including access to source code, with the possibility to add your own plugins and code extensions.

EJBCA Enterprise

SignServer Enterprise

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PKI Appliance and PKI hardware

Hardware signature solution and PKI deployment

With an on-premises appliance installation you can take advantage of hardened, high-performance servers built for organizations that do not want to spend time supporting the application stack and just want to deploy an on-premises secure PKI. Our hardware PKI and signature deployment solutions PrimeKey PKI Appliance and SignServer Appliance offer:

  • A turn-key solution including all required software and hardware
  • Quick and easy set-up, installation including HSM and, back/up restore and upgrades.
  • Single vendor supported and tested application stack
  • Integrated hardware and software support services from PrimeKey
  • A built-in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Utimaco Hardware Security Module (HSM) that simplifies HSM integration and usage
  • An easy to scale solution by just adding additional nodes behind a load balancer.
  • Built-in clustering for EJBCA

PKI Appliance

SignServer Appliance

Cloud signature solution and PKI deployment

Enjoy rapid deployment, with no hardware to purchase and maintain or any upfront software license costs. Deploy our cloud based PKI and signature solutions in your AWS or Azure cloud environment. PrimeKey EJBCA Cloud and PrimeKey SignServer Cloud offer:

  • No upfront investment for hardware, you only pay for what you use
  • Software is charged by the hour
  • HSM is charged by the hour
  • Server is charged by the hour
  • You to get started quick and easy
  • 14-day free trial*
  • Great possibilities for organizations that do not have on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Single vendor supported and tested application stack
  • Increased speed to operation/market

EJBCA Enterprise Cloud

SignServer Enterprise Cloud

Cloud - cloud PKI deployment
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Hybrid signature solution and PKI deployment

Enjoy the greatest flexibility by enabling cloud functions as appropriate while benefiting from being in control of selected PKI functions with on-premises software or appliance deployments. With a hybrid PKI deployment solution from PrimeKey you can:

  • Deploy Validation Authority (VA) and Registration Authority (RA) systems in the Cloud for ease of scale
  • Deploy Certificate Authority (CA) systems on-premises (software or appliance) and combine this with VAs and or RAs in the cloud
  • Easily meet peak demand with auto scaling
  • Demand driven usage
  • Unlimited resources
  • Increased speed to operation, increasing agility
  • Meet geographic redundancy requirements by picking multiple availability zones in the Cloud service for VA and RA systems
  • Great for dynamic workloads
  • Flexibility for the future

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