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PrimeKey is one of the market-leading companies in PKI and IT security. We have a long history of innovative development and customer satisfaction; we're growing rapidly and will continue to do so with the help of our partners.

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About our partner program

With PrimeKey as a partner, you will gain access to enterprise-level security products used by thousands of companies globally. As a partner, you will be capable of selling and implementing these advanced projects to customers. There is a very high demand for our products, so for the right company, partnering with us will be a solid addition to your portfolio. PrimeKey has two types of partners – resellers and technology partners.

Reseller partner

As a reseller partner of PrimeKey, you are able to actively resell the PrimeKey product portfolio, strengthen your product portfolio, and gain access to world-class PKI products to offer your customers. We will help you become an expert and feel secure in delivering high-end IT security solutions that meet all requirements.

Technology partner

If you have a solution that uses PKI or that interacts with PKI, you may be eligible to join the Technology Partner program. As a Technology partner of PrimeKey, your products either run with PrimeKey PKI in the background of your delivery to customers, or as part of the customer projects you deliver.

13 reasons to partner with PrimeKey
  • Extended portfolio
  • PrimeKey community
  • Discount on PrimeKey Products
  • Strengthened company image
  • Increasing synergies
  • Increasing revenue
  • Side-by-side at trade shows and expos
  • PrimeKey’s EJBCA® Online CA Access
  • PrimeKey’s Pre-Sales Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Sales Skill-up
  • Marketing Support
  • Online Marketing Support

Solution sheets

Find information about our joint partner solutions in the PrimeKey solution sheets below. These will give you an insight into how we work together with our partners to deliver an even stronger solution to our customers.

End to end PKI and Certificate Management

PrimeKey and Keyfactor

Zero-trust manufacturing and IoT lifecycle security

PrimeKey and Keyfactor

3Key DMR add-on to EJBCA Enterprise

PrimeKey and 3Key Company

3Key DMR add-on to SignServer Enterprise

PrimeKey and 3Key Company

3Key RA Profiles add-on to EJBCA Enterprise

PrimeKey and 3Key Company

Integration of PKI into industrial processes

PrimeKey and Achelos

A multifaceted, EJBCA-integrated certificate management solution.

PrimeKey and appviewX

Agile Cryptography Management Platform For Secure IoT Manufacturing

PrimeKey and Cryptomathic

Your hub for smarter certificate management

PrimeKey and Digitalberry

Turnkey solution for eIDAS compliant electric sealing

PrimeKey and Esysco

PKI in action - Securing the commercial use of multicopters

PrimeKey and Infineon

Issue and manage certificates with ease

PrimeKey and Intercede

Lifecycle management and security for hardware-protected cryptographic keys

PrimeKey, Intercede and Yubico

Simple, Scalable, End-To-End IoT Security

PrimeKey and Mocana

Trusted and secure end-to-end Code signing

PrimeKey and Red Hat

Powerful CA and PKI Management system as Red Hat certified container

PrimeKey and Red Hat

Enabling IoT security: PKI, code signing and HSM-protected keys

PrimeKey and Thales

Enhancing security and trust in your public key infrastructure

PrimeKey and Thales

PKI in a Virtualized World: Seamless, Simple, Secure and Straightforward

PrimeKey and Thales

Secure manufacturing of electric and self-driving vehicles

PrimeKey and Thales

The next level of PKI deployment

PrimeKey and Unbound Tech

Eliminate the threat of compromised CA keys

PrimeKey and Yubico

PrimeKey technology partners


B3 is a Swedish consultancy firm with senior consultants within IT and management. B3 helps companies to better utilize their IT by developing technology, processes, strategy

and organization through smarter IT solutions.

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PrimeKey reseller partners

Encryption consulting

Encryption Consulting is a dedicated consulting firm that focuses on providing all the aspects of Encryption such as PKI, Hardware Security Module, Code Signing,

Enterprise key management, Transparent Data encryption, Element level format preserving encryption, Tokenization, etc.

We have developed a custom framework for doing Assessment, Strategy, and Implementation of Encryption based on best practices of Encryption, NIST standards, etc. which act as an accelerator and help our customer deploy Encryption at the Enterprise level with ease.

We believe in a data centric approach of protecting the data using Encryption and helping the customer meet their goals concerning Data Protection.

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SecureMetric, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – is proud to be the top rated digital security solution provider within Southeast Asia, with specialization in PKI.

With offices spread around Southeast Asia, SecureMetric is able to serve more than 20 Certificate Authorities in the region

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PrimeKey partner organizations

Partners are key

IT security is a vast field, and any organization or business needs to have a variety of solutions and services to ensure a secure environment for themselves and their customers.

PKI and digital signing are vital parts and often considered the backbone of IT security. But that doesn’t mean that it can stand alone. The backbone still needs to work in cooperation with the rest of your security and we take this matter seriously. This is not a one-man show. To provide the best services and solutions to our customers, PrimeKey partners are essential.

Partner with us:

  • To expand your portfolio
  • To strengthen your company image
  • To join a continually growing community
  • To be part of our always-evolving IT security innovations
  • To work with wonderful, passionate people

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