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Community Software – a part of PrimeKey Open Source

As part of our Open Source policy, we offer our software in free community editions. This means that you can download EJBCA Community and SignServer Community from SourceForge under LGPL licence.

The two PrimeKey community editions are developed with the consistent high-quality focus of PrimeKey, but are limited to the core functionality. They are great tools for those who want to learn and use basic PKI without any advanced functionality or certifications.


Differences between Community and Enterprise Software

The table below describes the overall differences between the PrimeKey Community and Enterprise software.

Community Enterprise
Core Functionality Yes Yes
Advanced Functionality No Yes
Compliance to certifications and regulations Not guaranteed Yes
Community support (best effort) Yes Yes
Professional support with SLA No Yes
Access to professional services No Yes
Access to training No Yes
Scheduled releases Yes Yes
Maintenance and security releases No Yes
Additional feature releases No Yes

EJBCA Community

EJBCA Community is a free edition of PrimeKey’s PKI Software. It is an outstanding tool for those who want to test and learn the core functionalities of PKI. If you have a need for PKI and don’t require any advanced features or guaranteed certifications and regulations, this is for you. You can find more about EJBCA Community on

Some of the differences between EJBCA Community and EJBCA Enterprise are listed below.

EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA PKI, Enterprise PKI - person in front of computer

EJBCA Community vs EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Community EJBCA Enterprise
X509 Certificate Issuance and Management Yes Yes
Issuance and management of CV (ePassport) Certificates, with BAC and EAC No Yes
Validation Authority (VA) Yes, but only locally, with the CA and VA living in the same instance of EJBCA. Yes, both locally and with one or more instances of EJBCA acting as VA, using the Peers Protocol to communicate securely.
Registration Authority (RA) Yes, but only locally, with the CA and RA living in the same instance of EJBCA. Yes, both locally and with one or more instances of EJBCA acting as RA, using the Peers Protocol to communicate securely.
Certificate Transparency No Yes
Possibility to access to PrimeKey's StateDump tool, in order to facilitate mass deployments. No Yes
Access to PrimeKey's Microsoft Autoenrollment Proxy No Yes, on a per-customer basis.
Database Integrity Protection (having selected database tables signed on a per-row basis in order to ward against database tampering) No Yes
Pre issuance key validation (allows the CA to refuse to sign known weak keys). No Yes
CMP Vendor Mode No Yes
Cert Safe Publishing No Yes
SCEP RA Mode No Yes
CMP CLI Client No Yes
Legacy ExternalRA Proxy No Yes
CMP Proxy No Yes

SignServer Community

SignServer Community is our Signing Software for free. Here you will find the basic signing functionalities for time stamping and document signing.  You can find more about SignServer Community on

Some of the main differences between SignServer Community and SignServer Enterprise are listed below.

SignServer Enterprise

Digital signature software - SignServer team

SignServer Community vs SignServer Enterprise

SignServer Community SignServer Enterprise
Audit logging to file or database Yes Yes
Digitally signed audit log in database No Yes
Large file support No Yes
Web-based administration interface No Yes
Automatic renewal service No Yes
Basic Time-stamping Yes Yes
Professional Time-stamping No Yes, including: Time synchronization monitoring eIDAS & Qualified Electronic Time-stamping extension
Authenticode / Microsoft Code Signing No Yes, including: Signing of Windows Executable files & Signing of Windows Installer files (.MSI)
Java Code Signing No Yes, including: JAR signing & Android signing
Document (MRTD) signing Yes Yes
ICAO CSCA Master list signing No Yes
Additional algorithm support No Yes (Subject to SoW/support agreement)

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