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The PrimeKey worldview

PrimeKey’s vision is a world where the Internet is a secure place for sensitive information and communication. For this to become true, IT security needs to be available to all. Through open source PKI solutions, we come one step closer to this vision.

Everybody benefits from openness and we believe that our users can feel an increased trust for us and our solutions knowing that the source code is open. There are no back doors, no secrets, and no hidden agenda. We are in the business of creating trust and we believe that trust and openness go hand in hand.

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Next level security with our Open Source PKI software

Open source is not only a reflection of our worldview but it has actual business benefits for our users. If you’re an open source geek like us, you probably already know this, but for all others; some benefits include:

Flexibility and freedom with Open Source PKI

PrimeKey use Open Standards for our PKI and signing software, providing you with crypto agility. What this means is that you don’t bind yourself to a certain standard or way of handling your security. There is no lock-in and you have the freedom to adapt and evolve as needed.

Insurance of access

When you invest in a security solution you want to be sure you can rely on it in the future. With open source PKI and signing software, you have access to the source code of the software and this gives you insurance from unforeseen events. Should something happen to the company behind it, you still have access to the software and you are protected from business aspects affecting your security solution.

Quality assurance with Open Source PKI

As part of the PrimeKey open source strategy we provide our software in LGPL licensed free editions. With EJBCA Community you get a basic open source PKI software for free and SignServer Community includes audit logging, basic Time-stamping and document signing. Read more about the community editions below.

The PrimeKey Community edition software are used globally and have a large community with thousands of users that download, test and use each new release. As part of the open source policy they also provide their feedback to PrimeKey. In other words: our open source PKI software and signing software has thousands of active quality assurance agents.

Community offering

As part of our open source policy, we offer our software in free community editions. This means that you can download EJBCA Community and SignServer Community from SourceForge, both under LGPL licence. Read more about LGPL here.

The two Community editions are of course developed with the consistent high-quality focus of PrimeKey, but are limited to the core functionality. They are great tools for those who want to learn and use basic PKI without any need for advanced functionality or certifications.

Community Software

Open Source PKI Development

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EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise covers all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Management.

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SignServer Enterprise

A server-side digital signature software used to sign digital documents, PDFs and code.

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