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Why open source?

PrimeKey’s vision is a world where the Internet is a secure place for sensitive information and communication. For this to become true, IT security needs to be available to all. Through open source cryptography and PKI solutions, we come one step closer to this vision.

Everybody benefits from openness and we believe that our users can feel an increased trust for us and our solutions knowing that the source code is open. There are no back doors, no secrets, and no hidden agenda. We are in the business of creating trust and we believe that trust and openness go hand in hand.

  • Enabling trust
  • Knowledge sharing
  • No backdoors
  • Openness
  • Freedom and flexibility

Tomas Gustavsson, CTO and co-founder

"Security is a fundamental building block of our digital society – and it needs transparency. Offering our whole software stack, from cryptography to PKI and digital signatures, as freely available open source, we believe helps to easily implement security early in a project. Open source software significantly lowers the barrier to research and develop new technology."

Flexibility and freedom

PrimeKey use open standards for our cryptography, PKI and signing software, providing you with crypto agility. What this means is that you don’t bind yourself to a certain standard or way of handling your security. There is no lock-in and you have the freedom to adapt and evolve as needed.

Insurance of access

When you invest in security, you want to be sure you can rely on it in the future. With open source cryptography, PKI and signing software, you have access to the software's source code, which gives you insurance from unforeseen events. Should something happen to the company behind it, you are still protected. 

Quality assurance 

As part of the PrimeKey Open Source Strategy, we provide our PKI and signing software in LGPL-licensed free editions and the Bouncy Castle cryptographic APIs in an MIT-licensed free edition. PrimeKey Community edition software is used globally and has a large community with thousands of users that download, test and use each new release. As part of the open source policy, they also provide their feedback to PrimeKey. In other words: our open source PKI software and signing software has thousands of active quality assurance agents.


"Take the 'me' out of 'trust me'”

"That Bouncy Castle is Open Source isn't just important to us, it's important to our user community. Transparency is everything and Open Source takes the "me" out of "trust me". That really matters."

David Hook, co-founder and developer of Bouncy Castle

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