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- San Mateo, USA

C2 Company, a PrimeKey company, is looking to add talented developers to our existing team in San Mateo, CA. The PrimeKey DevOps Team is deploying a SaaS-based implementation of PrimeKey’s world-leading PKI solution. The solution will use containers and Kubernetes, rest within the Amazon AWS infrastructure, and use the most relevant AWS components to test, build, deploy, monitor and scale the PrimeKey SaaS offering. If you are passionate about security, have the demonstrated technical chops, are a believer in collaboration and working with like-minded individuals, this may well be the place for you.

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What we are looking for

We are looking for candidates that have proficiencies with programming languages such as Java, Go, JavaScript, Python. Infrastructures using containers and Kubernetes, AWS services, are knowledgeable with PKI, DevOps, and automation, have some network administration skills and are proficient with Linux, are fast learners and excited about new technologies, can work toward and maintain project schedules and deadlines, are comfortable working with others, and have excellent customer-facing skills. Candidates must be highly self-motivated with passion for excellence, quality, and attention to detail. 


This position is open to developers with multiple levels of experience. Candidates with 5 to 10 or more years are preferred. Entry level candidates should have a minimum of 5 years successful experience and have the ability to quickly grasp new technologies.

The developer will work directly with the PrimeKey team, and occasionally with clients, and will be responsible for understanding industry standards and best practices, keeping current with emerging technologies, and will have the willingness to learn new technologies and improve their technical skills.


Tasks may include:

  • Software development in and around our SaaS and other PrimeKey related projects

  • Build Jenkins CI/CD pipelines

  • Post developed code to github

  • Establish continuous integration and testing

  • Be proficient or generally knowledgeable about PKI, PKI services, and PKI concepts

  • Validate the redundancy, stability, performance, interoperability, security, and scalability of developed code

  • Research, propose, maintain and document standards for all systems as well as forward-looking strategies for satisfying business needs and maintaining customer’s technical currency with systems in use

  • Stay on top of industry trends and new technologies to determine direction and service improvements to continue our competitive edge in the technology of our systems architecture

  • Interface with stakeholders to understand needs and requirements

  • Determine design and present option(s) based on constraints (such as cost, resources, security, usability, reliability, maintainability, availability, integration with existing applications, systems, and platforms, etc.)

  • Implement and/or oversee implementation of solutions, document design specifications, installation instructions and ongoing maintenance required for solution delivery

  • Act as level 3 support escalations, where applicable

  • Other projects and duties as assigned


You will be part of the team at C2 company, the PrimeKey offices in San Mateo, USA. 


You hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science or the demonstrated professional experience, with the additional requirements: 

  • ITIL V3 or V4
  • Agile Development, Project or Program Owner experience


The following qualifications are desirable:

  • 5+ years working as a Software Developer.
  • You are a strong developer versed in Java, Go, JavaScript, Node.js, React, AngularJS, Python, or other development languages.
  • You have implemented a full CI/CD stack, including identification of best tooling, documentation, setup and continual improvement needed to sustain the environment.
  • Knowledge and application of a wide range of tools and technologies in software development.
  • Comfort with higher testing and deployment frequencies.
  • Knowledge of IT Service Management Systems.
  • Experience with data management.
  • Strong base of operating systems and network basics through school, certification, or applicable experience
  • Knowledge and experience with PKI and Digital Certificates
  • Experience with Linux
  • Proficient with Cloud technologies
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to communicate at both a technical and business level with technical staff and/or Executives
  • You are a Super Team Player and will complete your responsibilities with minimal supervision.
  • Experience developing for mission critical production environments.
  • The ability to identify and eliminate organizational silos by embracing team collaboration and communication.
  • The determination to achieve business outcomes.
  • The need to create efficiency and the ability to use automation tools to achieve the desired outcome.
  • A strong understanding of process reengineering and migrations from manual to automated processes.
  • Project management skills to support timelines and commitments.
  • Systems and Network Security
  • Experience and or proficiency with various monitoring and troubleshooting tools, or various application response time monitoring tools
  • Devops and Automation
  • Ansible, Jenkins
  • Scripting and Development
  • Java Application Servers, JBoss, Wildfly
  • Database, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL

What you want

We at PrimeKey are an open community of security geeks and we love meeting others who are eager to work with world-beating PKI security. If learning from leading security experts and lunch conversations about IoT security sound exciting to you, get in touch with us.

PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signing solutions. As of June 2021, PrimeKey is a part of Keyfactor. 

Work in the forefront of security

For two decades, PrimeKey has been at the forefront of open source-based PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and digital signing solutions. We work with some of the world’s most renowned organizations, but pride ourselves on bringing the same warmth and enthusiasm to any business, regardless of size.

With our products, we enable the creation and use of digital certificates and signatures, which are key elements for secure communication. We deliver the capability to implement enterprise grade PKI and signature systems ready to support solutions such as IoT, e-ID, ePassports, authentication, digital signatures, code signing, and validation; all solutions where digital certificates would be a main enabler. 

Join a friendly and creative company

Working at PrimeKey means excellent development opportunities, working with some of the best PKI specialists and developers in the world, joining a pleasant working environment, and interacting with highly skilled and engaged coworkers. 

Our core values are Excellence, Trust, and Openness, all aiming at always delivering high quality solutions to make the world of IT a secure place for sensitive information and communication. 

PrimeKey has offices in Stockholm, Sweden; San Mateo, USA, Aachen, Germany; and Melbourne, Australia. 

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Please send your CV and cover letter with the job title as the subject.

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Please note: We are only looking for direct applicants and are not interested in being contacted by recruitment companies. 

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