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Malaysian bank opts for PrimeKey PKI Appliance

In the near future public Certificate Authorities (CAs) will not be able to supply certificates with internal names that are not authenticated. This means that most organisations will have to set up their own internal self-signed CA, if they want to continue using certificates with internal names. SecureMetric has already sold and implemented its first PKI-IN-A-BOX solution to AmBank, a commercial bank in Malaysia, to help the customer eliminate its dependency on a trusted public Certificate Authority for its SSL certificates.

SecureMetric chose to team up with PrimeKey Solutions after evaluating several CA solution options in 2012. The main reason was because we felt much more comfortable investing and working with a team that not only knew the PKI business, but also invented and built the system. More importantly, SecureMetric and PrimeKey share many corporate values. There is therefore a lot of trust and understanding between the companies, which is why we are successful today.

SecureMetric bundles its in-house SecureTMS RA with PrimeKey’s PKI Appliance, providing a complete world-class PKI-IN-A-BOX solution. The integrated solution includes additional functionalities to cover PKI token and smart card lifecycle management. This improves the user experience by simplifying many PKI processes that used to be tedious, including enrolment, PIN unblocking, renewal and middleware updates. It also offers more than that, via the integrated solution. It is ready to support secured and well-managed distributed RAs and managed PKI business models for customers.

In 2014 SecureMetric sold and implemented a PKI-IN-A-BOX solution to AmBank in Malaysia to help the bank eliminate its dependency on expensive SSL certificates. Since then SecureMetric has successfully implemented several projects across Asia, including a national Cheque Clearing House for its cheque truncation system, an internal CA for a state government and several 4G LTE PKI-related projects.

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