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For a Fortune 500 company developing healthcare products and therapies, security and regulatory compliance requirements are rigorous. With products touching the lives of millions of people around the world every day – from the ER to the OR, from the pharmacy to the ICU and in a growing number of patient’s homes – it takes an ambitious approach to ensure the integrity and security of cloud-enabled medical devices, always safeguarding the sensitive data they are transmitting.

Internet of Things (IoT) offer great opportunities for the healthcare sector, enabling innovative solutions that help patients maintain active lifestyles while giving healthcare professionals more efficient and effective tools to achieve better outcomes from treatments. Being a company in the forefront of IoT in the healthcare sector, PrimeKey’s client have already developed several cloud-enabled medical devices and services, expecting the number of connected devices to grow in the millions in the years ahead. At the heart of these solutions, enabling the security and scalability needed, is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) from PrimeKey.

PrimeKey’s client use PKI to certify the identity and authenticity of each device, ensuring no one can tamper with a device and that the data sent to and from each device is secure. Today, the client relies on PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise for all their products PKI needs.

PrimeKey was the only PKI solution partner that could deliver on the requirements below:

  • The PKI solution needed to be flexibly integrated into device manufacturing processes, enabling automated PKI enrolment based on open standards.
  • The PKI solution needed to support cloud-centric deployment scenarios, while having codebase level control of solution behaviour.
  • The PKI solution needed to be compliant with strict regulatory frameworks across the US and the EU.
  • Finally, the PKI solution needed to be scalable enough to support massive IoT use-cases with tens of millions of devices continually sending and receiving data.

When developing healthcare solutions, it is critical to meet specific global standards while being flexible enough to support national laws and regulations. PrimeKey’s PKI solution probably has the best compliance with security standards across the EU and US.

– Product security architect

PrimeKey’s client is currently developing a common reference platform for their devices, ensuring every device will be able to draw benefit from the PKI infrastructure. Among the future PKI use-cases identified are OTA (Over The Air) firmware updates, integration with 3rd party manufacturing partners and more. Based on PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, the client can rest assured that their PKI infrastructure will be flexible and scalable enough to support future needs, enabling this Fortune 500 company to continue transform and increase access to care for patients around the world.

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