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Creating the future of PoS-solutions based on PrimeKey PKI

With banks stepping into the next generation, new solutions for how they communicate with their customers are being created. A company that is enabling this is Diebold Nixdorf, one of PrimeKey’s partners. Diebold Nixdorf is an American financial end-to-end provider of services, software and hardware for the financial and retail industries, with their core business being Point of Sales (PoS) hardware and software services.

The PoS solutions that Diebold Nixdorf provides spans from smart ATMs to NFC readers for cashless societies. The field is evolving quickly with PoS-solutions becoming more and more software defined, placing higher demands on the functionality of the software, the regulatory compliance and the security infrastructure.
As a consequence of the new generation of software defined financial services, in combination with new consumer expectations, the demands from Diebold Nixdorf’s customers are getting more complex than before. The requirements are based on critical features and aspects like flexibility (OTA updates etc.), integrability and time to market. With this type of customer demands growing, Diebold Nixdorf needed to build a platform that could match the needs from their customers.

With PKI being an integral part of Diebold Nixdorf’s services, the PKI infrastructure they needed had to be flexible, interoperable and support many use cases. After trying various PKI solutions, Diebold Nixdorf ended up testing the EJBCA Community because it was more flexible than other open source PKIs; it could be implemented just as they wanted. And after showing positive results from EJBCA Community, Diebold Nixdorf moved on to the Enterprise version in 2018.

From a PKI perspective, IT operations are now doing their job more effectively.

– Roman Cinkais, Head of Consulting, Diebold Nixdorf

The integration of EJBCA Enterprise has so far had a positive impact. With the standardized infrastructure being more user friendly than before, the operational management has become easier. With the possibility of building any kind of integration on top (SCEPT, web services, REST, OCSP validation etc.), it has also had the direct effect of reducing costs. Another key aspect of the successful use of EJBCA Enterprise is the fact that Diebold Nixdorf now manages to take action a lot quicker than before, they can integrate services using standardized protocols fast, improving time to market.

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