EJBCA Enterprise, Becoming an eIDAS (Q)TSP

Swisscom – Becoming eIDAS compliant and migrating from RSA to EJBCA Enterprise

Swisscom is the largest IT/telecom company in Switzerland, providing internet access, mobile communication, TV, cloud, IoT and more. Swisscom’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) was the first one in Switzerland in 2005, and today their digital certificate services is an integral part of their business in which their PKI solution and its attributes are essential.

With Swisscom’s RSA Digital Certificate Solutions reaching end of life and support ending, Swisscom needed a PKI migration and consolidation. Since stakes and complexities are high whenever you migrate and/or consolidate an enterprise PKI infrastructure, a proven and capable partner that could fulfill all their needs was critical. Another central need for Swisscom was to be able to make their All-in Signing Service eIDAS compliant.

Since the implementation of PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, Swisscom can now offer eIDAS- and legally compliant electronic signature and time-stamping services for service providers, public authorities and companies, all across the EU.

Alongside successfully becoming a Trust Service Provider (TSP), there were also benefits in regard to Swisscom’s PKI migration and consolidation. Swisscom has pinpointed that the set-up of the Certificate Authority (CA) is more structured than before and therefore easier to maintain – making their internal processes more effective.

The capabilities and compliances were no surprise – very transparent solution. You see what you do, and it makes sense. From a trust service providers perspective, you need that transparency.

– Peter Amrhyn, Team Leader Engineering, Swisscom

With EJBCA Enterprise making Swisscom an eIDAS compliant Trust Service Provider, Swisscom sees business opportunities ahead in both their B2B and B2C context. The new CA from PrimeKey enables Swisscom to improve and streamline their customers’ digital processes while following regulatory demands, all according to the initial critical needs that Swisscom set out to fulfil.

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