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Need cryptography support in your applications?

Bouncy Castle is one of the most widely used FIPS certified open source crypto APIs for Java and C#. It implements a broad set of resources spanning major security areas, including cryptography, public key infrastructure, digital signatures, authentication and secure communication. These APIs allow developers to easily integrate security into their application code.

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Effective and efficient development of security services.

Encryption and corresponding security services such as the usage of digital certificates and TLS are fundamental to ’s connected applications and business processes. Being able to implement and maintain these security services costs effectively and securely over time is important for long-term trust.

Bouncy Castle was designed for developers by developers. Bouncy Castle offers open source code with well trodden paths of implementation throughout its supporting APIs. For developers this helps provide confidence not just about the implementation but also that there is a long term future in learning to use the APIs. In addition to this, as you will see below, help is always available as well!

About the Libraries

Language support in Bouncy Castle is primarily in Java and C#. The APIs have been used on everything from servers running operating systems, like Windows and Linux, to smaller smaller devices such as those based on Android and iOS. Versions of the APIs, based on the BC FIPS releases, have been certified across these platforms as well.

After that where you might want to use the Bouncy Castle APIs is really only limited by your imagination. In additional to fundamental algorithm support for ciphers like AES, Elliptic Curve, and RSA, and a range of message digest and MAC algorithms, the Bouncy Castle APIs also support protocols like ASN.1 and OpenPGP. Building on core protocols and algorithms has enabled support to be added to the APIs for supporting a range of standards, including, but not limited to, Time Stamp Protocol (TSP), Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS), Certificate Management Protocol (CMP), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and a variety of protocols for requesting and generating X.509 certificates.

And there’s expert help available too.

Of course one of the advantages of having people working on a project full time is that they can always be there to answer questions. This can be considered a good thing as the other side of developing an application that needs to make use of cryptography APIs and protocols is that often the developers involved spend 90+ per cent of their time worrying about other things, like database connectivity, user interface design, and business/client workflow. As application development goes this is probably as it should be as well, but the down side is lack of experience can often become a blocker, with small challenges taking a lot longer than they should.

The Bouncy Castle consulting group is still running and is getting bigger and better at PrimeKey, contact us about a support contract and find out how we can help. All things Bouncy Castle are covered, from basic support questions and assistance, up to doing your own certifications based on the Bouncy Castle FIPS APIs. If you need help with Bouncy Castle, we’re here to provide it.

More about Bouncy Castle Support

Bouncy Castle David Hook

A bit of history

The APIs are open source under a flexible licensing model and are owned by an Australian based software charity, Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc. A reasonable question to ask about Bouncy Castle would be can I be sure it is sustainable? The original Bouncy Castle team asked themselves this question as well. By 2010 it had become rather obvious that the project and its developers had very little future if the effort was going to stay part time. Not long after that saw the creation of a consulting company alongside the BC charity called Crypto Workshop. Crypto Workshop was set up to specialise in providing Bouncy Castle support and was made up of both founders and long term committers to the BC project, with funding from support contracts allowing participants to work full time on the Bouncy Castle Project as well as more closely with the BC user community. In , Crypto Workshop was acquired by Prime Key who have also continued to invest in the project.

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