Security Focused Linux Developer

Our team develops and maintains PrimeKey’s Security Platform technology consisting of hardware and software components. During the last years, we have created a versatile and flexible platform not only for our own PKI software EJBCA and SignServer but also for a variety of software products delivered by our partners. During our efforts, we have been driven by the vision of a product which is not only secure and powerful but also easy to use and maintain.

As our business and customer base is continuously growing we are looking for a talented Linux Developer to help build our amazing products. We are not looking for “just” an employee, we are searching for a team member who commits to our goals and shares our passion.

To support us in our mission a candidate should

  • be able to write more or less complex shell scripts for system management on a Linux platform
  • be able to develop and maintain Linux applications in C, C++ and Python
    Bonus points for Java experience (J2EE and the related technology stack)
  • understand the mechanics behind a Linux init.d, systemd, grub and other Linux system concepts
  • have a good understanding of common cryptographic concepts
  • have heard about and preferably worked with crypto APIs (like PKCS#11) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
  • be able to response technical questions towards customers and partners
  • be able to communicate in German and English
  • be able to work self-directed but transparent within a team.

In return, we offer

  • opportunity to work in a highly motivated, experienced, start-up minded, international team
  • role, responsibilities and salary matching your profile and experience
  • work on creating new and innovative products using modern software and hardware technologies
  • friendly and open work environment
  • a corporate culture where people are humans, not resources
  • options to attend related conferences and seminars
  • an office full of Raspberries, Lego bricks and other toys
  • proper coffee machine, Club Mate, free Haribos and desktop hardware of your choice.

Date of employment: ASAP
Location: This position is located in Aachen, Germany.


For further information and applications, please contact:

We look forward to your application!