C2 - PrimeKey’s U.S. Operations

C2 Company, a PrimeKey Company, is a premier provider of advanced consulting and professional services to small, medium and large organizations and delivers best-of-breed solutions; applying industry best practices and techniques to help customers create, upgrade, and maintain highly-available, secure, and scalable network infrastructures for their mission-critical IT and business applications.

C2 is proud and excited to now be a part of the PrimeKey family. PrimeKey Solutions AB (PrimeKey) is a world leader in PKI solutions, and has developed successful technologies such as EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and PrimeKey PKI Appliance. A pioneer in open source security software that provides businesses and organizations around the world with the ability to implement security solutions such as e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, unified digital identities and validation.

C2 Company is now PrimeKey’s U.S. operations and together, PrimeKey and C2 Company combine their in-depth knowledge, proven products with certified expert consultants to provide our customers the ability to keep any sensitive data secure.

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PKI expertise

Employing an expert team of certified engineers with in-depth knowledge of solutions from best-of-breed vendors, C2 Company is able to augment their customer’s in-house resources by providing technical expertise to help ease the support burden and implement rapidly changing technologies.

With over 20 years in the industry, C2 Company are experts at PKI, and combined with our vast network and security expertise, C2 consistently delivers the robust and highly secure network and security solutions our clients depend upon for their businesses.

Typically on the forefront of technology, C2 Company is the go-to partner for advanced technologies such as BYOD utilizing Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE). Experts in security, C2 Company architects, builds, protects and maintains secure networks and systems that enable enterprises to accelerate IT’s speed and business impact, as well as minimizing costs and risks.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Certificates are a must for secure authorization. C2 Company are experts in this field and can design and architect a secure and effective PKI solution to meet any customers’ needs.


C2 Company is a Security Centric company with over two decades experience in network design and security. Our team of certified experts have designed, built and managed thousands of complex networks. As Network Security Specialists, C2 Company is the go-to company for protecting vital corporate data and intellectual property.


Virtualization can simplify IT infrastructures, creating more dynamic and flexible environments while reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency. C2 Company’s certified engineers, backed by real-world experience and best practices, design and implement virtualized solutions that best fit the needs of any customer. Whether it be Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or a private cloud solution, C2 Company has the skills and expertise to get it done.


C2 Company has over 20 years of hands on experience designing and implementing hundreds of high-performance, scalable, and reliable Enterprise and Data Center Networks. Our consultants hold respected certifications such as CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, CCSE, as well as JNCIA.